Why is my switch to OVO "on hold"?

  • 11 November 2017
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I am in the process of switching to ovo,but my account tells me it is on hold,I have no emails to explain why this has happened,now unsure if I should to continue with the change over .

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Hi @Bernie

There is a technical error with our online site where this error message is displayed, even when there isn't an issue with your switch. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused if you've been affected. Our Tech team are already looking into this urgently!

If you wanted us to double check if you've been affected by this issue, send us a message via Facebook, Twitter or email:


** UPDATE 21/02/18 - This issue has now been fixed by our Technical team. If you log out and log back in again, this error message will disappear **
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Are your emails being sent to the right address @Oiiii? The one you need is The team will respond within 48 hours.

Our Customer Care team are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm on 0330 303 5063. Our average wait time is 21 seconds!
Point taken about contact details Lucy, I think I was looking on the website. As it happens, it's too late to stop the switch so I'm staying with OVO for now... and I've submitted meter readings successfully. Thanks.
Hi @Bernie

There is a technical error with our online site where this error message is displayed, even when there isn't an issue with your switch. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused if you've been affected. Our Tech team are already looking into this urgently!

If you wanted us to double check if you've been affected by this issue, send us a message via Facebook, Twitter or email:


** UPDATE 21/02/18 - This issue has now been fixed by our Technical team. If you log out and log back in again, this error message will disappear **
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Hi @Geoff Richardson and @captainsparkledotcom;
Similar comments are being made on another thread 'Switch on hold' why?

I suspect this problem of submitting readings is due to a wider IT upgrade/issue within OVO. Existing customers with Smart Meters have also been reporting that their fuel usage graphs haven't been updating since 14th.

Don't panic. I suggest you log on to your previous/existing supplier and post today's meter-reading with them.

Although the agreed protocol is for the receiving Supplier to file the meter readings with the National Database, it is still up to the Supplier relinquishing the account to then lodge any complaint if the readings appear spurious, for example.

Once OVO get their own IT systems sorted, you can still expect them to agree to today's reading for the start of your contract. After all, the outgoing Supplier is hardly going to query it at that stage because you've already given them today's reading, to which they've had the opportunity to object!

Personally I've never provided my meter readings exactly on the day I'm told that I'm switching Suppliers. I always do it around 3 to 5 days early to give both companies a chance to raise queries such as disputing the reading or the Meter Number (MPRN) etc.

I have never been charged any excess days. All companies agree to accept figures within a few days of the Notified Start Date.
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Me! Me! I can help @arnold90 :)

The switching process is well defined and is subject to Ofgem regulations. Please note that it is the responsibility of the Receiving Supplier to handle all aspect of the switch. You should not be contacting the Relinquishing Supplier.

From your post I believe the issue is at the point where you are still trying to fulfill the switch to OVO (by moving into the house) rather than you initiating a switch to a different Supplier.

So it is OVO you need to talk to.

There are only a certain number of reasons why an Objection might be raised in respect of a Switch. There are also defined timescales in which these have to be addressed. So I expect the issue can be resolved quite speedily.

The most likely issues are:
  • The previous owner failed to provide an accurate meter reading on leaving the house
  • The previous owner has an outstanding debt with OVO

For obvious confidentiality reasons, OVO will be unable to keep you informed about issues with another customer. That's why you're simply being told that there is a problem.

Write back here if you need further clarification.
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Hi Sparkysaz!

Happy weekend!

Where Emily_OVO has replied to the thread above in green background, you'll see a little OVO symbol next to her picture, means she is OVO staff.

I didn't realise for a while being a new customer! LOL

Forum's eh!?

I spoke to OVO on the phone yesterday and can confirm whats been said its a technical glitch and the switchovers ARE going ahead as promised, if mine wasn't I would have taken a JCB to Scottish Power's HQ and bulldozed the place!!!

So glad I'm switching to OVO :)

Rest assured all companies get glitches from time to time, and your switch will happen :)

Have a lovely weekend.

Tris 🙂
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Same problem with me. Also, this morning I've received an email asking for my first meter reading but I can't submit it because I'm "on hold". I've emailed about this issue but haven't heard back yet.

Hello there, a quick Freephone call to 0330 303 5063 and they will gladly take your reading, I know this may be inconvienient but you will get few in a short few minites, option 3 by the way, then you will be thru to a nice helpful human 🙂

Best wishes!

Tris 🙂
A-Haaaa! sometime very recently (as in the past few minutes or so!) my account has been activated!! Meter readings have been submitted, thanks for you help folks!
We moved to Ovo in November. However the online account is still unavailable to use. I’ve been advised it’s a technical issue but can you look into it?
Hi my account still is not available. I have deleted the app and reinstalled today and it remains on the joining page.
I am switching back to OVO but my account is 'ON HOLD' and the message says to check my inbox.
I have and there is nothing from OVO stating what is happening.
Can you please advise as to the next steps and I'd like this sorted please.
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I moved your query over here, @arnold90, as we already had a topic on this.

Check out @Transparent's answer for more info! 🙂
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Hi @Michael Farmer Have you tried calling OVO on the phone?

I believe the smart meter has to be a smart meter from OVO. Before I moved over to OVO I unfortunately used to be with that fossil/fracking/arrogant provider and my smart meter used to be BG so OVO replaced it in order to see the meter readings.

Since switching to OVO back in March I've never been able to access my OVO account. Every time I log in I receive a warning message saying my switch is on hold. I had tried switching to OVO late last year but there was an issue with my previous supplier which meant my switch was placed on hold at that time. This was sorted out and I eventually switched in March.

I've tried logging in on multiple devices using both my email address and OVO ID number but to no avail so am pretty sure it's not user error.

I've raised the issue multiple times with OVO but am just told that the issue has been passed to technical support and they have no timescale as to when this will be rectified. This is becoming a pain as it's been 3 months now and every month I have to email my meter readings to OVO and then email again to request my statement.

Surely it shouldn't be this difficult to access your own account?!
Hi @Nancy_OVO,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately having read this thread I can't seem to find an answer to the problem. I've not been able to access my OVO account for 3 months since switching and would just like to know when this will be fixed so that I don't have to email every time I need to submit my readings and request my statements.


Back in early June we moved into a new property which was supplied by SSE but, as we used OVO with no problems before, we elected to switch on arrival. The effective date for this, for both electricity and gas was notified to us by OVO of 18 Jun.

Now, nearly a month later (and a month and a half since arrival) the App continues to say, "Welcome to OVO...You can check the progress of your switch on our website in My OVO"

Clicking through to the website the opening screen is stuck on "Supply start date...we will start supplying your energy on 18 June"

Going into the menu on the website I can access meter readings and have submitted a fresh one for electricity but the gas page says, "We are still switching your gas supply over to us. We will ask for your opening meter readings near your supply start date."

I have e-mailed hello@ on numerous occasions and despite the claim that they respond within 48 hours have not had a single reply.

The reason for raising this on the forum now is that I have had a final bill from SSE for gas, not electricity, so they believe that another supplier (hopefully OVO!) is already supplying gas at the property.

Grateful for any assistance as it was a great system when it worked at the old property. Mind you, that account is still out in the ether so they could do with tidying up their procedures.

P.S. Our gas is supplied by Wales and West Utilities and I have done the usual cache clearance for the website and app reinstall.
Thanks Nancy, appreciated.

Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook and my Twitter account is a work one so not really for domestic electricity and gas supplies.

The OVO Team has not answered any of my e-mails and dire warnings when phoning so between a rock and a hard place really :((
Recently moved into a house already supplied by ovo, i have signed up to 2 year fixed plan however it says that switch over is on hold and something has gone wrong. It says i should have been sent an email but i have received nothing, checked both inbox and junk mail. I see from previous posts that it could be a technical issue? can anybody help? i'm considering switching to another provider as it seems impossible to find anybody to help!!
I received an email saying that my OVO account was on hold. It said that I would still receive energy BUT it also said that it had sent me a further email ....which it has not done. I suspect the 'hold' is something to do with my meter readings. I have a smart meter that you cannot read .....I supplied readings from it which I do not think you were happy with. I now have the 'final' British Gas readings .....Gas 002214 and Electricity 05616 which I would have include in my reply to you IF I could reply. Please communicate normally and not through the website.
I am now a paying customer here but why is the website delaying me?
I did cancel a dual fuel smart installation because the technology is too far from my door to function and it has a big place in my home page for other unknown reasons.
I was sent an email from OVO telling me my switch is nearly complete and I need to submit my first meter reading. I go to do so and get this which prevents me from doing anything. I dont have any emails in my inbox from OVO except the one telling me to submit a reading. What do I do?

Hey @Bikerman @NickPeake

There was a technical issue causing this 'On Hold' message - but I'm pleased to say this has now been fixed. Please check out the update in my 'Best Answer' at the top of the page.

In that case, @chris22 - send us a PM on Facebook with your full name, DoB and account number so we can take a look for you.

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I’ve moved your topic onto here @Abreaders as I’m hoping you’ll find your answer in the other comments.

If you need the team to look into what is causing this, feel free to send them a message on our OVO Facebook or Twitter page.

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I notice other customers have posted with the same problem as myself i.e. when I log in to My Ovo, I see a screen with says 'Your switch is on hold'. The menu options are shaded so I can't do anything, including provide the initial meter readings Ovo keep asking me for. This is incredibly frustrating and needs either fixing ASAP or Ovo need to provide another means for new customers to provide initial meter readings. The responses so far are just platitudes, and I am not inclined to recommend Ovo to my friends. My question is WHEN will Ovo be either fixing or providing a temporary work around to this urgent problem?

I've merged your topic here as it advises that this issue has now been fixed. :)

@ply - it’s been fixed. 🙂