"Account on hold - email has been sent" error message on My OVO - why?

  • 15 February 2018
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Hi please could you help my account is saying on hold as there has been an issue with my switch and they have sent an email but I not recieved any email since the one I got to tell me everything was going through . Totally confused as to what to do . Thanks Lorraine

Best answer by Lorry80 15 February 2018, 20:45

Thank you have just called and it appears there is nothing wrong with my switch but you have a glitch in your system effecting new customer accounts
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Hi Lorry80, it may be your old supplier have raised an objection claiming you owe them money or Ovo need to run further checks, the best thing to do would in this case call customer services to discuss, you can call freephone 0330 303 5063. They can give you a detailed explaination - hope this helps 🙂
Thank you have just called and it appears there is nothing wrong with my switch but you have a glitch in your system effecting new customer accounts
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Oh no its not me LOL I'm just a fellow customer hehe! Glad you got an explanation from Ovo 🙂
Oh sorry stupid me šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ can you tell Iā€™m not used to forums šŸ™ˆ . Thank you for giving me the number I would never have found it
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Hehe not stupid at all, I'm new too, all the best 🙂
I have this very same issue please help
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I have this very same issue please help

Hey @91dan - I've answered your other post over here.
Had trhis message constantly for weeks, no emails from you with any info. I've sent you pictuires of the meters but not heard anything.
Any help here?
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Aagh @Upton - how frustrating!

Firstly, there are a number of reasons why a switching process may be put on hold. These are clearly defined by Ofgem and can include
  • an apparently incorrect meter number held by ECOES, the national meter database
  • a significant difference between the meter reading provided at the time of the switch and that calculated by your previous supplier
Resolving these discrepancies occurs through a Notification process between the Energy Suppliers and ECOES. Each Supplier must respond to such Notifications within a prescribed timefame.

Overall, the switch process can take 5-6 weeks.

If your switch has taken longer than this, then you are entitled to raise an official complaint with OVO, for which you should refer to their downloadable Complaints Procedure.

There are only two steps in OVO's Procedure, the first to be completed within 5 days, and second within 8 weeks. OVO have a reputation for resolving Complaints fast!

In order for you to retain a record of the process, I suggest you send the complaint via email to and put the word "Complaint" within the subject line and at the top of your main message text. This makes it clear to everyone.

Try to give all useful information in this one email. This will include
  • your name & address
  • date you switched to OVO
  • meter number(s) if known
  • meter reading(s) at time of switch
  • account number if known
then await a response within those 5 days.

Please feel free to ask for further clarification here if you wish.
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We already had a topic on this, @Upton, so I've moved your query over here. Take a look at the best answer for more information.

If you'd like the team to double check the switch has gone ahead as normal, send them a message on Facebook or Twitter with your name, DoB and account number. Or email! 🙂

When I log on to my account I see this message:

"Your switch is on hold

There's been an issue with your switch to OVO. Please make sure you check your inbox, we sent you an email with more information."
However I have not received any email with additional information, and I have no idea why the switch has not been completed. Does OVO not want my business?
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Hi @hallesa - I've moved your post. More info above ☝🏼
Can you tell me why my account is on hold as I receive no email
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Hi @Johnnybighands - I've moved your post over here, check out the info above!
Hey All, My account switch has been on hold for nearly a year because the gas supply hasn't been resolved, but I don't get my gas from Ovo. How can I progress my account status so that it doesn't erroneously show On Hold?

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Hi @JakeStockwell - I've moved your post over here. Check out @Transparent's reply above for more information ☝🏼
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Hi @JakeStockwell - my previous comment is valid, apart from the National Database for gas meters being Xoserve rather than ECOES.

Note also that it is the responsibility of the Receiving Supplier to handle all aspects of the switch process. The Relinquishing Supplier responds only to Notifications from Xoserve

You have a right of complaint against the Receiving Supplier in accordance with their published complaints procedure. If you follow this and the issue remains unresolved, then you enter a condition known as "Deadlock".

Whether or not the Receiving Supplier issues you with a Deadlock Notification, you can then take the matter to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. The usual timescale for this is 8 weeks.

If you've been on-hold for a year, then you've left it far longer than necessary. Get moving down the Complains Procedure route.

Ask here again if you get stuck!
Thanks Transparent! That all sounds like a lot of palaver for something that's merely an irritation right now, but thanks a lot for your comprehensive response... šŸ˜‰