Why do I have increased gas usage since smart meter fitted?

For my sins I have noted monthly usage for my gas and electricity for the past 5 years and thought smart meters would allow a consistent regular means of recording my utility usage. Since my Smart Meters were fitted Feb 2017 my electricity has readings have been comparable with previous years but my gas useage has not. Who at OVO is able to check that my gas meter is working properly , first proper month (March 2017) after installation reported 208 units gas compared to an average for this month of 75 units previously. Thanks

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I've only got an electric smart meter so cannot comment on the reliability or otherwise of gas readings. My readings still rely on submitting readings from the non-smart meter, however, although our circumstances may differ in size of home and usage, my March 2017 gas reading was 207 units and I think that 75 units is relatively very low for a cold time of year (I have a reading of 53 units for July 2017). It seems to imply that the previous readings were incorrect - in your favour!!!!.
OVO have advised that as part of the migration to the smart meters they inadvertantly forget to advise that the old meter measured gas in cubic feet, and the smart meter measures gas in cubic meters and hence the difference. No change with electricity.
I have suggested that OVO communicate to all Smart Meter ‘ virgins’ this change when moving over as it would have been more reassuring if I had been advised of this when I initially raised my query with the adviser in March 2017.


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