Will OVO be able to read my Smart meters installed by another supplier?

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Yes I realise that the list of commands is not relevant for consumers, it's interesting to see how complex these things are though.
My main worry is that it seems likely that consumers are likely to be shafted by the energy providers with higher electricity bills on account of them being able to use information previously not available to them.
Sorry about being too long winded with my input. There won't be any more.
1/ smart meters do nothing for you,they just give you information.
2/they are only smart if the person that has it acts on the information.
3/ I was with Bitish Gas - had a smart meter - moved to another supplier - smart meter does not work - they all have there own

Why was the units applicable to ALL supliers
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Hi @Eddiej - I've moved your questions over here. There's lots of information about smart meter compatibility in this thread!
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Hi @Eddiej

You should also read through the later pages of this large Forum Topic on SMETS1 or SMETS2 Meters.

Have yet more technical information on the direction in which Smart Meters are taking us, but I'm loathe to just dump this onto the Forum. Please ask for more detail if you want.
More details
Why have all different suppliers have different meters. And meters only any good if people look at and act on results
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Initially the Smart Meter manufacturers tried to compete for market dominance by implementing the universal SMETS Command Set using differing protocols. They teamed up with Energy Supply Companies in an attempt to make their brand become the "standard".

That's why you could move between First Utility and OVO without difficulty because both firms elected to install meters made by Secure. But if you moved from First Utility to British Gas, the meter would still operate, but you'd have to take manual readings again.

Ofgem (the Industry Regulator) decided to intervene. So the newer SMETS2 meters must all implement the same protocol set to handle the SMETS commands.

That is not the reason why SMETS2 was introduced. There are many new features which it makes available, and these will be required for the forthcoming Time Of Use (TOU) Tariffs, or "Demand Side Response" as it is called by Ofgem and the Government.
What about other suppliers, Bulb, Green Star, and others, surely these things should have been ironed out, before everyone started going overboard, about smart meters?????
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Erm, @Eddiej Bulb and Green Star are yet more Energy Suppliers. They don't manufacture Smart Meters.

The Smart Meter strategy is actually formed into a road map several years before we see it implemented.

The SMETS2 roll-out we are just starting is documented in numerous articles published by DECC (Dept of Energy and Climate Change) and Ofgem here. This was a briefing to Ofgem by DECC in March 2014.

All of these stages go through Public Consultation (because we live in a democracy!). You are just as welcome to contribute as anyone else. So if you feel that there should be some "ironing out" of the strategy, you should chip in.

Note that the current discussions will be related to what is to ensue 5 years hence. There has to be time for Parliamentary Standing Committees to discuss the strategy and propose any necessary legislation. After that, Ofgem will enshrine the law into its regulatory framework.

Designers and Engineers in commercial companies will then develop any necessary hardware/software and get it approved for functionality, safety and compliance.

OVO themselves are very much involved in the development of new hardware and energy strategies. Their sister-company Indra Renewable Technology is developing Home Storage Battery and Nissan V2G Charger, which both require regulatory changes to the certification for grid-connected hardware.

Another sister-company, VCharge, is developing software for handling distributed-network energy assets. This takes inputs from weather-forecasts, renewable-energy generators and demand-cycle prediction algorithms to offer variable-tariff electricity packets to customers. It is currently managing electric-heating systems within blocks of flats in Birmingham.

If you investigate these technologies and you want to comment on compatibility, then feel free to do so. There are OVO Project Managers who can read these Forum articles and respond to positive ideas which get discussed.

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Sorry... once again the new Forum software is breaking my links to other Forum pages by over-ruling my editing!

These should be

Home Storage Batteries

... which both require regulatory changes to the certification for grid-connected hardware.

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@Transparent we have raised with the support team.

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Home Storage


I have a Secure Pipit 500 smart meter from First Utility (now shell energy) - and am just switching to OVO.

will this smart meter work with OVO?

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Hi @newtoovo and welcome to the Forum.

In the short term, the compatibility of your existing meters with OVO depends not just on the manufacturer, but also the network to which they were connected. So you also need to note the Energy Supplier who installed them. See my Post at the top of this Topic. You were with First Utility, which is compatible with OVO’s network.

By the end of this year, all existing SMETS1 meters will be upgraded to run the later SMETS2 software. This will enable interconnectivity between all Energy Suppliers.


Whilst I’m responding here, could you please fill out your Forum Profile page. Since we’re fellow customers, we don’t have access to any information about you… and that includes the area of the UK where you live. This matters when we start discussing Smart Meter networks. Thanks.

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I have a Secure Pipit 500 smart meter from First Utility (now shell energy) - and am just switching to OVO.


The IHD itself may disconnect during the transfer process, however if you have Secure smart meters, we’ll be able to connect with these.

Once you’ve switched over to OVO, give us a call on 0330 303 5063 and the team should be able to remotely open the local network for the IHD, so you can reconnect it.