Will my EDF SMETS2 meter lose smart functionality if I switch to OVO?

  • 1 August 2019
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I am thinking of moving from EDF to OVO and I have one or two questions.

  1. Will my EDF meter turn into a dumb meter if I switch to OVO? It was only installed in the last few weeks (L+G E470/5424) , so would imagine it's a SMETS2.
  2. If it does go "dumb" would OVO replace my meter with a compatible one after install?
  3. Are there any contractual issues in moving after a smart meter install so soon?
  4. How does the online interface know what devices are being used. I thought the measurements could only measure items in KWh usage. How can it tell apart a TV from a fridge?


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Great to hear you’re thinking of joining OVO!

Some really important questions to ask about the implications of switching after getting a smart meter installed. Let’s answer them in detail:


  1. As you can learn on our Landis and Gyr guide - you’ve got a SMETS 2 smart meter there. This is great news as it means your Smart meter will be compatible from the date you switch.
  2. If you were to switch with a SMETS 1 meter installed by another supplier these may temporarily lose the ability to communicate (you can check which S1 meters we communicate with here), however we don’t replace these meters as all S1 meters are due to be remotely upgraded to allow them to function as S2 meters - read more about this remote upgrade here.
  3. Even after getting a smart meter installed you’re not obliged to stay with the supplier which installed the meter. However, it’s worth checking that your current supplier has updated your new meter details on the national database before you apply to switch. This can take up to 6 weeks from the date that you had the meter installed, although it does vary by supplier. You can read more about the behind-the-scenes actions that take place during your smart meter installation on this great user guide.
  4. By switching to OVO you’ll get access to some great online usage graphs which allow you to see your smart meter data on a half-hourly, daily or monthly view. Our new usage tool OVO Greenlight also gives some suggestions as to which appliance might be responsible for the usage - this is based on average usage patterns for each appliance type (eg. fridges actually work on a cycle powering on and off in regular intervals).


Hope this puts your mind at ease before your switch, there really are some great benefits of getting a smart meter and switching to OVO!


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Hi @MajorSqueeze - since the picture shows a SMETS2 electricity meter and Communication Hub, these can only be commissioned to work on the National Smart Meter Network which is operated by the Data Communications Company. Therefore, by definition, there is interoperability between Energy Suppliers.

You will not require any hardware to be changed if you switch to OVO, but it is highly likely that there will be a software upgrade performed so that the code running on your units matches that used by other OVO customers. The upgrade is applied remotely without on-site intervention.

Just make sure that your new SMETS2 meters really have been fully commissioned before you make the switch. The easy way to tell this is to check if your latest Invoice from EDF is based on the actual meter readings since their installation date.