Why isn't my PAYG smart meter showing my current balance?

  • 18 April 2022
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Hi 1st post just noticed that my smart meter on the electric part isn't doing anything not showing how much I've got or how much I've used and the actual electric meter isn't doing anything either pushed buttons and nothing  happening we have still got electricity was just wondering why they have both stopped is there anything I can do to try and fix it as I'm worried going to get a  big bill as not sure if I've used my credit up the gas is working fine any info would be great


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10 replies

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Hi @Gazza1209 ,

If you’re on Boost Pay As You Go, you’ll normally want the Boost Help rather than the OVO Forum. I’ll help you out this time.

This sounds like an emergency meter exchange might be needed though, so you’ll want to phone this through in the morning. If you want me to, I can help diagnose the issue but I’ll need to see photos of everything first.

Sorry for the delay this is the picture of the meters if that helps going to phone them later and see what is happening many thanks for the reply 

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I see. An Elster AS300P and an SSE SET/IHDL SmartView 2 huh? Interesting…

I really wish I knew what the lights on that particular comms hub meant, but unfortunately it’s not documented very well.

Let me do some digging and I’ll come back to you.

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It’s amazing what treasure trove lurks on the SSE website mind you! I bet this little gem has been sat there for literally 10 years and hardly anyone knows about it.

Unfortunately however, I can’t find one for the Elster AM110R Comms Hub. @Jess_OVO could I get your help with that by any chance?

My current theory is that the meter has temporarily lost the HAN connection and might come back later. If you need to top-up, you’ll want to use the UTRN Code from the receipt to manually punch the code into the meter directly, as other methods might not work right now. Boost Customer Service can probably dig deeper for you as well.

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Just to double-check, @Gazza1209, is your current supplier Boost or SSE?


As @Blastoise186 mentions it looks like there might be a communication issue meaning you’re not seeing your electricity information on your In-Home Display. We’d recommend reaching out to your supplier to make sure any signal issues are investigated so your energy charges are correct and up-to date.


Hope this helps get things sorted. 

Thank you for all the replies I'm out today so will try and get hold of them tomorrow morning 

So quick update been on phone for an hour they're not sure what's going on for someone else phoning me by tonight and if they can't get it too work looks like a new meter

So another update they phoned tried things they're end and didn't work so getting new meter in may thank you for all you're comments and information 👍 

I have just moved into my new place and using OVO pay as you go. I have £40 on my online account but only showing £13 on meter why is this! 

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Hi @ellie jqcobs ,

If you have PAYG, the most accurate place to check the balance is on the meters themselves or on the IHD. Any balances shown elsewhere don’t update in real-time so can be out of line quite often.