Why is my SMETS2 gas meter not sending readings?

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Take a look at this topic for more information, @Doccombe!
Thanks for the 2 responses and apologies for the tardy acknowledgement.
This problem has not been solved despite it being labelled as so.
To update, I phoned customer services and it was explained that it can take up to 6 weeks for all the information to update.
So here we are 2 months later and the situation is worse not better.
On my account my usage was updated half hourly, but there's been nothing since 12th July and a message saying no data available, check later!
My last 2 bills have been estimated.
Prior to moving house I was with NPower and didn't have any issues with the smart meter or IHD. I really don't get why OVO are having these issues if other companies aren't.

@BenS_OVO @Tim_OVO @Amy_OVO 


I now have a new electricity meter (7 Nov) which is communicating with my IHD but still not sending readings to OVO (not that I can see anyway). Can one of you have a look at this for me please?



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Wow, @neilje12 - you are highly favoured to receive a response from a member of OVO's technical teams at 8pm. 😉

I don't think @BenS_OVO will be making a habit of this... unless his "work" involves sitting in a Bristol bar all evenings, using his laptop to write to us on the Forum!

If you've only just had a SMETS2 meter installed, then all sorts of things will go on over the ensuing days whilst off-site commissioning occurs.

No you can't issue an "Initialise" command yourself. That would breach the SMETS security system.

But I'm not convinced that the system does need re-initialising. There will be software updates and data uploads made over the next couple of weeks, any of which will invoke a number of different levels of "restart" command.

You'll know that the commissioning sequences have concluded because you'll be able to read your daily usage stats on your My OVO page.
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Hey @neilje12 


As the meter went in last week there is a period of time when out systems need to be updated with the new details - Usually takes around 5 working days. 

You’re new meter is communicating with us so fingers crossed there will be no further issues.




Thanks @BenS_OVO 

Fingers crossed.


I was originally booked to have my smart meters installed On 10 June but when the guy came out it was raining heavily so he couldn't do it, which was fair enough. It was rebooked for 17 June and went ahead as planned - only problem was it couldn't be commissioned on that day as he couldn't connect to OVO servers (or something like that). Eventually got a commissioning date of 5 Aug and I booked an engineer to call. 5 Aug came and went and no engineer. Called OVO and it turns out that it hadn't been booked in properly by the person doing it and the engineer request hadn't been sent to the commissioning company. Very annoying. Called OVO and told there were no appointments and I should call at the end of August. Seriously? Called and got a date for 26 Sep. Guy came out and commissioned the meter. Gas and electric readings were sent to OVO for a few days and then it dropped down to just gas readings. I can also not use the IHD for electric which is very annoying as I like the "Now" function. That brings my story up to date, trying to get these meters to do what they're supposed to do - something they did briefly. Oh, forgot to say that although the gas us sending daily readings and is showing half hourly on my account, for previous days usage the IHD displays usage in £s as the same figure as kWh so is useless for previous days. I'm hoping that @BenS_OVO can help.
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Hey @bperry306, I'm out the office today so I will have to look at your account tomorrow. I'll PM you for your details.
@Transparent is totally correct about the Comms Hub being the...well..hub of all the data. It the blessing and the curse of the infrastructure. A blessing because in theory all we need to do is set up communication with this one piece of hardware and all should be fine. With the MESH system we should get great coverage going forward.
The curse is that these comms hubs are owned by a central company appointed by the government (the DCC) and we have to get all of our hardware and software to work with this. It's why there's been so much talk about firmware... you can see from our test wall; there's many variants we have to test!
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So regarding the reference numbers our engineers have to input in order for a successful installation and commission; yes @Transparent is correct, we were having a few issue with human error. Luckily we have a new(ish) installer app featuring a state of the art bar code scanner which cuts down this error significantly. It's not 100% accurate as sometimes in certain conditions the bar code cannot scan (light, condition and size of the bar code etc) and in these stations the number needs to be inputted manually.

Our engineers are taking to this new installation app like a fish to water and I'm confident we will see very few of these issues in the coming months & years (and decades and so on).
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That photo of the Smart Meter Test Wall which @BenS_OVO tried to post above is appearing "broken" on my browser. In case it's the same for others, here's a photo I took of that OVO Test-Lab at the beginning of June.

Has anyone got any updates on this or had any successful repairs? No results my end yet but I’m hopeful a meter replacement will fix my fault now
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Hey @Cward - I've moved your post onto this topic where users have been discussing a similar issue - does this help?
I had smart meters installed 2 days ago and obsessively watching them throughout the day. On Thursday the meter was reading <£1 before going to bed and when I checked Fri morning it was >£38!!! I thought it maybe had just added what was outstanding from my previous bill so tried not to get to concerned. This morning, despite the reading being pennies last night the usage yesterday is reading £18. I can't seem to get any display on the actual meter. It has three buttons but the screen is blank.
Anyone had any similar issues?
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@TomOTron5000 - Did you manage to get this sorted?


unfortunately not. I chatted with the team on Facebook, they said the issue was already with the 'Smart 2020 team'. I assume as I emailed support about a month ago. They said They would be in-touch by the end of the week. I guess they've still got 3 hours or so until then but it's not looking too hopeful.

Good luck in trying to get this completely fixed!
I joined in October 2017 and it took OVO until December 2018 (yes, over one year) to finally get the online account/graph/invoice thing sorted - not particularly impressive I think you would agree! Like you I cannot wait until my 2 year contract is up, as I will also be moving to a company who will have a better grasp of technology than do OVO.
PS Currently my on line gas usage has been missing for the last two weeks, although in fairness, as the electricity is showing I suppose they have got it half right! I just cannot be bothered to go through all of the utter tripe that goes with dealing with OVO with this issue again. As you will effectively get charged the £15 per quarter discount for reporting the problem (their problem mind you), I am just going to chalk this one up to experience and make sure I leave at the earliest opportunity.
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I’m really sorry to hear about the delayed reply, @neilje12, please reach out to our team on Facebook, Twitter or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 303 5063. They’ll be able to look into this today. 


Ive had a gas and electricity smart meter installed today. SMETS2
The Hid is showing usage for electricity straight away but there is no usage for Gas and I cant select gas on the device.

Ive checked the electricity meter and the green led light where it says 'gas' underneath is not flashing.
Does this mean theres no connection to the gas meter?
Ive had a quick look at the gas meter itself and it says 'network not connected'.

Is it a case of waiting for ovo side of things or do you think theres no connection between the gas and electricity meter?.
I would have thought the installer would have checked this at the time of installation though.
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Hi @ScoobyDoo You've highlighted several issues all at once!

Firstly, yes you should have the "slow flash" pattern on all LEDs on the Communications Hub, except probably the one marked Mesh. It depends what type of Comms Hub you've got.

Have a look at this Topic which has a more comprehensive overview of a SMETS2 meter installation. Note in photos there the difference between the SMETS Electricity Meter and the Comms Hub which is bolted on top of it. They are different devices, owned by different companies.

The Installer will have checked the gas meter connectivity whilst he/she was on site. However, the Commissioning Process continues long after they're gone. So a communication break can still occur later. Sometimes this gets automatically corrected during the overnight Meter-Read transfer between your site and OVO via DCC.

And please fill out your Forum Profile. That's where we look to glean basic information.
Thanks for the extensive reply @Transparent .

Ive updated my profile with all my relevant details.
Ive checked the comms box ontop of the electricity meter and the green lights are all flashing slowly apart from the MESH and GAS lights.

Nothing has changed this morning and ive still got no gas usage on the hid.

Ive checked the gas meter and its still saying Network inactive, press * to commission.
Ive pressed this button and a network scan starts but it finds no network and comes back with the same display.
Ive taken a photo of this and its here ...

I work in the tech industry and im sure the gas meter isn't talking to the electricity/comms meter.
What are you thoughts?. Do I need an engineer to come back out?.
Thank you for the help.

Of note ive noticed that my online account says ive got a electricity smart meter active and I don't need any meter readings but the gas is still showing the old meter serial number and says I need to submit readings.
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Thanks @ScoobyDoo. On your Profile, did you intend to write that you joined OVO only last week (19th)?

The SMETS2 gas meter you have is not the Uniflo type I'm familiar with. What manufacturer's name is printed on the front?

Is your Comms Hub made by Toshiba?

The fault you are seeing is not the same as the rest of us have been discussing on the Forum. The issue we've been wrestling with is a "false positive" whereby the Comms Hub shows the slow-flash indication for "gas HAN active", and the gas meter also reports that it has established communication. However, there is in fact no active link between the units.

Your Comms Hub and Gas Meter are correctly reporting that there is no Zigbee communication link operating. This is likely to be resolved as the commissioning process occurs in the background.
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I've moved you post here, @martyndutfield, please check out @Nancy_OVO's best answer for more info and pop our team a message for any further help.

It sounds like there may be a communication issue with your meter, @Beard, if one supply is updating and not the other that would indicate no IT issue our end. If you needed to get in touch about something you're not able to do online, or you can't find the answer to on our website, then you wouldn't run the risk of losing the Self Service reward.

You can find more information about the Self Service reward here.

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!
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Hi @martyndutfield and @Beard - similar reports from both of you I notice!

Firstly, the historic IT issues you experienced were during the time when OVO decided no longer to outsource their Customer Billing operation. This was undertaken in consultation with Ofgem. New customer accounts software was built in-house, which is why there was a period when all was not right!

We must assume that Ofgem were confident in the compliancy of the new system because otherwise they wouldn't have approved the Supplier of Last Resort Process for Economy Energy in January 2019, which moved all their customer accounts to OVO's new system.

Secondly, you should only be losing the Self Service Reward for matters which you could've resolved yourself online. If your sole reason(s) for contacting CS were due to the failure of the online information, then by definition, you should not have lost the SSR. If this has been removed in error, then email a complaint to get it reinstated.

May I just check that both of you have SMETS2 Smart Meters?

You don't actually state this, but that's the title of this Topic. So before I comment further about the faulty communications, I'd just like to check that @Amy_OVO has moved you to the right place!

And it would help enormously if you would both fill out your Forum Profiles, because that's where I look for such background info. Thanks.

Hi there. I do have the most up to date smart meter. Ovo stopped producing electricity bills from November 2018 until circa April 2019 because my main electricity meter was changed, apparently. I had to report it to them!! They also did not produce a statement for any usage (electricity and gas) in circa April 2019 so I contacted them again. They explained that the replacement electricity meter had not been fitted/set up correctly and advised that the issue had been dealt with and provided me with a bill for 6 months worth of electricity. How nice of them. I then had to fight to get my £15 per quarter self service reward because I had not ticked a box in my profile, even though I satisfied all the conditions for an online customer. Now, I notice that the smart meter (lol) has not produced a reading for June 2019, but it has for gas for the same period, and guess what, no statement of either electricity or gas usage for June 2019 received as yet!!. Same problem as before!! Exasperation does not even begin to cover how I feel. I have better things to do with my life than continually contact Ovo about their IT not working correctly!!! Like I said before, I just want an accurate bill each month and IT to work!!
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Thanks @martyndutfield This is useful feedback.

I don't know whereabouts you are in the country, but if you've had a SMETS2 for that long, then I'm going to assume you're in the South or Central Territories. Thus your Electricity Smart meter will most likely be made by Aclara with a SKU1 Communications Hub on top of it.

Failed SMETS2 electricity meters are more rare than failed gas meters. However, all of these faults are being investigated by Ben from OVO's SMETS2 Team. @Amy_OVO - can you please ensure he sees this conversation.

Here on the Forum we're trying to see if there's any pattern to the failures. So please be as accurate as you can:

a. In Nov18 was this exchange process involving one SMETS2 electric meter being swapped for a different SMETS2 electric meter?

b. Did the engineer keep with the original Communications Hub, which sits on top of the meter?

c. Do you have any other electric devices that are "grid connected" such as PV panels, EV charger?

If you don't understand any of the parts I'm referring to, please look at the (many) photos and diagrams I've uploaded on the SMETS2 Installation Topic.