Why is my SMETS2 gas meter not sending readings?

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@Tim_OVO Sent the email 4 days ago on 16th. Got this automated reply

Thanks for your email – we have people answering emails 7 days a week to ensure you get a speedy response to your query.We will get in touch with you within 48 hours and to ensure we can resolve your query as soon as possible, we may call you to discuss the email further. The number will display as withheld.

Well it's now 4 days later and STILL no reply. What is going on?

@Nancy_OVO It's been 4months. I'll try Facebook
Nice write up :)

What is annoying is that we get these smart meters installed and then some part doesn't work and we are then left in the dark.

Ive been told a few different stories by customer services:-

1) Leave it 4 - 6 weeks and it will start working
2) An engineer visit is required to commission the gas meter but we cant tell you when this is going to be.

The customer is then left wondering what the heck is going on and no working system.

Is there anyway to get the faults raised to someone in the right department so we can get a final answer on the problem and a solution. Maybe @BenS_OVO ??.

My problem is that the gas smart meter is making a connection to the comms hub and therefore no readings are being sent.

Hi. We had our Smart Meters fitted 3 weeks ago. All was working fine on electric and gas meters until last week and now the gas reading is no longer being received - the IHD shows zero gas use for the last week, which is not correct. The electric readings seem fine.

We have reported this to OVO who are investigating, but is there any way of resetting the connection between the gas and electric meters?


@BenS_OVO Any update on my gas meter?

Im still not receiving any smart meter results for the gas.
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The best course of action, @RichardOsborn, whilst the team investigate, is to place the IHD as closely to the electricity meter as possible for at least 24 hours, this will help the signal strength between the IHD and the meter. 



Thank you @Amy_OVO  - there is no problem with the electricity meter to IHD signal, so would it really make any difference moving the IHD any closer to the electricity meter?



@Tim_OVO @BenS_OVO  

Is anyone at OVO listening?? Please see my post above.

Where is the reply to my email - it is now several days late. So much for 48 hours turnaround.

Getting really annoyed now.


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Ah… but @RichardOsborn, let’s remember that @Amy_OVO is a Moderator, not an engineer.

The Moderators are carefully selected. They must exhibit an ability to foresee solutions in directions where none actually exist.

Moderators are free-thinkers. They must rise above factors that so hinder us mere mortals. Not for them are the laws of physics or the uni-directional nature of time.

Amy’s mind is unfettered by the requirement for electromagnetic radiation to carry data uniformly from the Communications Hub to the IHD. Rather, she stretches imagination to an extent that defies all laws of probability, and thus deduces the infinitesimally small possibility of gas data being retarded within the stream of photons reaching your IHD.

So unlikely is this selective data-retardation that it is necessary to stipulate a test interval of 24 hours - a unit of time so vast in comparison to the speed of light, that a sufficiently strong signal would reach an IHD placed at a distance over four times greater than the orbit of Pluto!


Who are we, mere customers, to challenge the thought processes by which an esteemed Moderator bends the laws of mathematics, space and time?

Where would OVO be if its Social Media Team were constrained to operate according to common rules of logic?

What despair would haunt you should you fail to close the distance between your  IHD and Electricity Meter, and thus miss the miracle of gas data appearing upon its display?!


We may be sure that the entire company of the Forum waits with baited breath until the 24 hours has elapsed and Amy’s attention is once more drawn towards the status of your IHD.

And until that morrow, let us cast off all doubts and application of physical laws. Let us forsake the notion that we exist within four dimensions of space-time, the Standard Model or string-theory.

Let us stand with that Great Company of Seers, who are OVO’s chosen Team of Moderators, and grasp the moment offered to us - to see as Amy sees, and by sheer determination in the face of all that is reasonable, combine our collective presumption in pursuit of implausible solutions to your stated problem.




Nice write up :)

My problem is that the gas smart meter is making a connection to the comms hub and therefore no readings are being sent.


Sorry the forum wouldn't let me edit the post.

It should have read that my gas smart meter ISNT making a connection to the comms hub.
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@ScoobyDoo I need you're account info to look into this, I'm going to send you a PM.

We have a few Service Errors that have been pretty common. Once I look at your account I'll post the cause of the issue in this forum...and (I hope) the planned fix 😁
As the title suggests, my new electric smart meter, an Aclara SGM1414-B does not report my electricity readings to either OVO or my IHD. It worked for exactly 4 days. Gas seems fine (although the daily usage figures are totally wrong and seem to be mirrored from my KwH usage).

So the electric meter is able to transmit my gas readings and must therefore be working ok in that respect. I would therefore suggest that this meter is defective in terms of producing readings. It's a common issue as I found out by Googling it.

OVO want me to wait 90 days "just in case" it somehow rectifies itself which I think we all know it won't.

My question is, is there a way I can reset it myself using the buttons on the front. I can't wait 3 months for this probably simple issue to be resolved by OVO who move at a pace which someone else described as "glacial".
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Hey @neilje12 thanks for posting your question. I've moved it here and I think the details on this thread might help.

If not comment below and we can help further.
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Hey again @ScoobyDoo,

Jeezz, this is not what I wanted it to be. It would be so much easier if I could blame the industry or maybe even one of our 3rd party manufacturers.
However, this one is an engineer fault. The CHF (comms hub ID) was entered wrong, which caused the GICOM (Gas installation Service Request) to fail.

Now the question is how we fix this? Normally this would lead to a revisit BUT this is actually fixable over the phone. I think I need to speak to someone high up to see if they are happy for certain customers (who are confident enough to do this) to re-pair their meters over the phone.

What do you think? Might be able to use you as a guinea pig.
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So unlikely is this selective data-retardation that it is necessary to stipulate a test interval of 24 hours - a unit of time so vast in comparison to the speed of light, that a sufficiently strong signal would reach an IHD placed at a distance over four times greater than the orbit of Pluto!

@RichardOsborn this page might be a handy page to confirm your options, whilst the engineers look into things at our end…. keep us updated on any fixes!

Thanks @Transparent for your in depth reply, you seem to really know your stuff and honestly I’m appreciative of your responses.

I have one question I’m sure you can help me with. I read somewhere else on this forum that the smart gas meter communicates to the electricity meter, then the electricity meter sends the information out to both my IHD and off to OVO eventually. If this is the case then why to this day can I see my current gas usage on both my IHD and on my OVO app but I cannot see any of my readings for my electricity for the past few weeks? My IHD won’t even give me an option to view electricity anymore it’s just stuck on gas. Surely if the meters are set up to function in this way then my information is being sent out but only for the gas so I would assume my electricity meter does in fact have communication. It’s clocking the usage correctly on the meter display. Is there anything I can do myself with my meter buttons? Is there any kind of re-connect button sequence I can press? 😄

Like I said I can can see my usage on the electricity meter itself but now I have smart meters I have NO option on the app or online so submit my readings anymore, and OVO are not receiving my readings from the meter automatically so how do I tell OVO my usage so I’m billed correctly?

there must be something I can do to fix this 😄🙈

The identical issue I am facing.
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Erm, @Tim_OVO … that page concerns itself solely with SMETS1 meters made by Secure.

@RichardOsborn has SMETS2 meters installed less than a month ago.

Given the timing, I suspect the newly inflicted issue with IHD connectivity is most likely related to the firmware update and downloading his actual tariff data as it is brought onto the new Billing System.

Thanks for the quick update @BenS_OVO.

I would be more than willing to be the Guinea pig.
I'm confident I could use the meters and hub to correct this over the phone, I am in the tech industry and would be more than willing to do this.

It will save an engineer visit and also hopefully fix the. Issue quicker.

Just le me know when you've spoken to someone and I'm free to sort it out.

Is there a fix which the customer can initiate without the stupid "wait 3 months" scenario? I am more than happy to do it myself. As someone else on here mentioned, I updated my meter readings over Facebook but these were not reflected in my account. I'm really fed up with this all now.
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Sweet @ScoobyDoo,

I'll PM you to sort out the details.


(I love progress!)
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OK... that's interesting feedback from @BenS_OVO

The reason that these numbers are being entered incorrectly by Installation Engineers is that the App they use during their work isn't up to the job.

On the three occasions I've seen OVO SMETS2 meter installations (the latest being 10jun19) the engineers are reading tiny numbers printed beneath bar-coded labels and manually entering them into a mobile phone!!!

It's far too easy to misread a numeral 8 as a letter B, and then the whole subsequent commissioning sequence falls apart!

I commented about this issue here on the Forum way back on 15th March.

How much progress has been made on resolving this?
Are OVOs engineers now able to scan bar-codes?

And whilst on that subject @BenS_OVO - some (non-OVO) Installers are placing stickers over the bar-codes when they complete on-site installation work.

Have a look at this photo, posted on the Forum last week.

Ok, I realise that the CHFID is still visible, but the Gas Proxy is unreadable!
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Hey @neilje12

I'm really sorry you're having a bit of a time of it with your elec readings.

Let me have a look once I'm back at the office tomorrow and I'll see what the issue is. At the very least we can add some up to date reads to your billing account.

I'll PM you shortly for your details.

Really pleased for @ScoobyDoo and glad you’re getting this solved.

Ive decided to stop being a dramatic fool and be patient with OVO and stay with them.

@BenS_OVO do you need any information from me to get mine solved?

Is anyone able to shed any light on my questions from my last post above? 😊
I have had Gas & Electric Smart meter installed for about a month now, the Gas usage is no longer showing on the IHD, when looking at the Meter Reads online it shows a Smart Reading for the Electricity but not one for the GAS. On the Electric Smart Meter the MESH light is not flashing.

Assuming the Gas meter can't communicate with the Electric meter, is there a way to reset the connection?
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Let me quickly try to clarify one issue @bperry306 - the Gas Meter sends its data to the Communications Hub, which is bolted on top of the Electricity Meter.

The Communications Hub sends data to OVO (via the National Smart Meter Network), and separately to your IHD.

So in your case, the data seems to have ceased being transferred from the Electricity Meter to the Comms Hub, which is why it's no longer shown on your IHD.

This may or may not be related to the fault I found with the replacement Electricity Meter which was installed for me on 10th June. Just because we apparently report similar symptoms doesn't mean the loss of functionality was for the same underlying reason.

@BenS_OVO needs to be sure that the code which resurrected my meter communications is safe and compliant before he suggests that OVO propagate it more widely.