Why is my Smart meter In Home Display (IHD) not showing any electricity usage data?

Okay, here goes... Smart meters installed in June 2019, except they weren't commissioned until January 2020. Since then my meter readings are being sent hourly to OVO and my usage is visible online after 24 hours, but my IHD is only showing gas usage. I've asked the email team , about showing electricity usage on the IHD and after 16 days advised that they'd requested my IHD's firmware to be refreshed and I should wait 48 hours and turn my IHD off and on. I've tried this but after 3 days nothing has changed and I'm looking to try and resolve this before the anniversary of the installation (although maybe I'll get a prize for the longest smart meter installation?) Can anyone suggest a solution?

Many thanks



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Hey there @vectis ! Welcome to the OVO Forum :)

I think I know what’s going on here. How long has it been since your Smart Meters were installed? In some cases, it may take up to six weeks for a full commission to complete, but OVO can sometimes get the meters to start communicating in as little as two weeks. It’s usually around this point that the tariff data should get downloaded.

However, the good news is that there is a fairly easy fix for this one, but you’ll need to ask the Support Team to help you out with it. Live Chat tends to be the fastest way, but you can also do this one by phone if you prefer. What you’ll want to do is ask them to run the SMETS Command Update Tariff Configuration with the correct tariff rates for your account. This should do the trick if the command works. Sometimes you can get lucky and it’ll go through in just a few minutes, but it may take up to 24 hours to refresh.

If the meters are still being commissioned, there’s a chance that this might not be possible just yet, but you can always ask for a case to be opened for the command to be sent once it’s possible.

I hope this helps. We’ll be right here if you get stuck with anything else. :)

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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear your problems with no electricity reading being sent up, you'll have a very long wait for an engineer, they were really struggling before lockdown, I've been on the engineer to do list for getting on for a year now, no resolution having to manually update my meter reads every month, these SMART meters are fantastic!!!!!!


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Hi @museumsteve and welcome to the Forum.

What you’ve experienced with your IHD is normal. There’s a shed load of off-site test and commissioning work to be done after the Installer leaves site. You’ll know when this is completed because your IHD will reflect the correct pricing for the actual tariff you’re on. Until then any readings are based on arbitrary values which just happen to be in memory.

Have a look here at the extensive comments about SMETS2 Meter Installation.

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I had 8 months where OVO wasn’t taking anything for my new SMETS2 gas meter. I kept the Direct Debits static and earned myself a healthy wack of interest on the increasing credit! :money_mouth:

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@parekhd  & @Transparent I have only just noticed, in parekhd photo, 8.63 kWh = .02p  that is an exceptional tariff, where do I sign up lol. 

Could that be reporting only 10% of actual costs (tariff dependent) if so, that mirrors my experience of my IHD. (Can you clarify @parekhd)

As previously reported, my dumb electric smart meter only regained full functionality & communication to both Ovo & my IHD only after a power down / reboot to the comms unit by an Ovo engineer, 

The problem of my IHD reporting only 10% of actual costs for my gas usage is still ongoing via email with Ovo.



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Sorry to hear that your In-Home Display isn’t currently displaying your electricity smart meter usage data, @Keith.A - that’s really frustrating, particularly as your initial re-booting attempts haven’t resolved the issue. 


If you haven’t already we’d recommend contacting our Support Team to report this issue - the quickest way to reach them is via our Online chat which you can find here. They are able to check the IHD is correctly paired to your meters and carry out further troubleshooting in order to get things back on track.


In the meantime, it’s worth checking the usage pages of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) which is another great place to check the usage information being received from your smart meters.


Hope this helps get things sorted - but do pop back and let us know how you get on. We’re always happy to help here where we can.  :thumbsup:

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There are a number of other customers on the Forum this week stating that they have incorrect data being sent to their IHD. From what you describe, this is not the case with your unit. If the display is static, none of the 3 buttons makes any change, and it won’t power off, then I think this must be a fault within the IHD itself.

What about unplugging it from the mains transformer-plug and letting its internal battery run down?

That might be worth trying, because the internal processor would then be forced to restart when you next apply power.

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Thanks for posting @JCPW 

Have you see what @tony1tf and I have been discussing about this in the past couple of days over on this other Topic?

When you contact Customer Services about issues which we are discussing here on the Forum and that affect several customers, please try to give them the URL of relevant discussions.

What we’re experiencing with these various types of “missing data” faults, is probably due to a couple of different underlying software errors, but slightly mixed in with a few customers who have similar symptoms but for different reasons!

That’s why we’re also trying to discuss a better way to define and report issues to OVO.


The original method used by some customers to migrate usage-data out of the system via WiFi couldn’t be left intact. It would breach the security shell that surrounds the SMETS2 meter system.

But there are ways to implement a similar data-export at some point in the future. It will necessitate a change of IHD, and some secure procedure to pair that to our existing Communications Hubs.

New chap here but I didn’t want to start a new thread about the same old problem so figured I’d reply here then would see replies if and when the above peple get sorted once and for all.

Had my install on Thursday this week, all good, then today electricity is not showing on my IHD6.


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Welcome to the forums @museumsteve . And thanks for the reply too @pauleywauley :)

What I can say is that the first six to eight weeks following the install of new smart meters and/or upgrade and migration of SMETS1 meters to SMETS2 firmware, things will be unstable while a lot of the back office processes are underway. A misbehaving IHD is one of those symptoms, but it should calm down eventually.

If you still have problems after the first eight weeks, that’s definitely the point where something’s gone wrong and we can try to dig deeper. I’m hoping to get hold of an IHD for myself in the next few weeks, once there’s stocks available.

Hang in there for now and please keep an eye on how things go.

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Hi Steve,

Exactly what mines been doing for over 1 ½ years now.

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Just have a look at what @Tim_OVO posted yesterday about a video-call I’ve just had with Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO of OVO Group.

We have discussed the issues of “missing data” and we are agreed that the analysis has thus far fallen short of what is acceptable.

There have been a number of Topics here on the Forum since Feb’20 where customers have provided high quality information on this very subject. I have no doubt that Stephen wants this picked up and treated with a more appropriate level of appreciation.

As Tim writes… we should expect to hear more on this PDQ  :slight_smile:



Not sure I understand as yesterday my IHD was showing elec and gas readings. Today it no longer shows elec…

Yes, that’s not unexpected. Your site now has to be acquired by and patched into the National Smart Meter Network. This requires secure data paths to be set up via Telefonica or Arqiva, the Data Communications Company (DCC) and Utilisoft. Software updates will be sent to your Communications Hub and SMETS2 Electricity Meter and Gas Meter by the respective manufacturers.

The four on-site devices will be registered with the national meter databases, ECOES and Xoserve.

The readings from the old meters will be passed to Morrison Data Services and a notification sent to OVO for confirmation that the readings are in line with expectations, based on your energy-usage trends.

Data from both old and new meters will be passed to the Billing System which will copy your tariff into the Comms Hub using an interface which will be set up on uSmart.

There’s a great deal of testing to be done as all these various parties liaise with each other. They will not be taking time-out to check that your IHD accurately reflects the usage status in the meantime. If it temporarily loses its data link to your Comms Hub, then only you will notice this.

I hope that gives you an insight into what’s going on during the following days.

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Thanks for the feedback @Tiamun 

I’m neither surprised nor disappointed that you have now observed no electricity readings being reported online.

This is still “early days” for SMETS2 Smart Meter technology and OVO will require these snippets of information in order to understand the wider picture. Have a look what I said over here on a similar Topic yesterday.

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Hey there @nag.gupta !

It sounds to me as if your new IHD is still setting itself up, but it should be paired to both meters. You can’t do a hard reset yourself however, you’d need to get OVO to help with that. However, this shouldn’t be required to solve a problem like the one you describe.

Please could you fill out your profile for me? It helps us a lot to figure out the right advice. If you can also snap a few photos of your meters and IHD then pop them in your next reply, that’d be smashing. It helps to make sure I know exactly what you’re seeing.

I’ll be able to go from there once I know what you’ve got.

I have contact OVO this morning, they informed me that Gas meter no is not reflected in one of there system, for that reason it is not pairing with IHD.


as usual i need to wait another 10days for them to amend the old reading with new.



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@parekhd   I have reported the exact same issue, in my case ovo are not receiving meter readings on the electric but they are receiving my gas usage data, so can you confirm the meter reading status for both against your ovo account?

Also my IHD reported kwh & 00p are do not match my actual tariff. Yours looks somewhat similar.

Confirmation of the same fault / symptoms will help to narrow down any underlying  issues.



Hi. I don’t think this is the same issue. It looks like OVO are receiving regular gas and electricity readings from my meter. 

It seems the only issue is with the IHD not showing electricity. 

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That sounds fine @parekhd. We don’t need to be concerned with the red light because that’s on the meter itself. We’re checking the WNC Comms Hub because that connects to your IHD.

The slow-flash pattern tells us that all is OK. In particular, there’s no fault on the Home Area Network which the IHD is also connected to.

(Don’t worry about MESH. You have an SKU1 and they don’t use any mesh network).

Your IHD also seems in good health because it shows the HAN signal at top-left and displays the correct time.

So the most likely reason for there being no electricity reading is a software error in the Comms Hub. It can’t be in the electricity meter itself because readings are still reaching OVO.

Go to the Help Centre where it shows the various ways to make contact. Choose one you’re happy with and ask Customer Services to send a RESET command to your site. Let’s see if that cures the issue.

I contacted support and they sent through a reset apparently. I waited 24h and restarted the device, but this didn’t resolve the issue - it’s still only showing gas! 

What next? 

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Ah, but @Nancy_OVO - the problem with this being an open Forum is that us customers can foil Moderators who only read the Topic Title and the first few posts.

It is true that the other Topic is called Is my In Home Display (IHD) displaying the wrong time? but we then expanded the discussion into anomalies found within the data collected from Smart Meters, including how missing data is accounted for!

Cunning eh?!


But may I just clarify what @Nancy_OVO has written…

Technically, the gas meter data is fed to OVO through the Communications Hub. This is bolted to the top of the electricity meter, and may appear to be the same device. But they are in fact separate.

It’s the Communications Hub which combines the raw meter readings with your Tariff information and sends this to your IHD

The Electricity Meter has two connections to the Comms Hub above it. One provides 12v DC power. The other is the Intimate Hub Connections Interface (IHCI) which transfers data.

If you are not seeing electricity data on your IHD, the two likely causes are:

  • poor contacts on the physical IHCI
  • software fault preventing IHCI data transfer

In either case you can confirm this by viewing your MyOVO page online to check if it too is missing the electricity data.

However, in your case @Wigwam66 you are seeing electricity usage data online, but not on your IHD.

This considerably narrows down the location of the error. It is most likely to be a software fault within the Comms Hub.

The refreshing of the relevant bit of software is precisely what we were discussing over on the other Topic… and where you will see that OVO Engineer @BenS_OVO did this for two other customers at the end of last week.

It is less likely to be software in the IHD itself because it is demonstrably able to receive gas data across the same ZigBee link from the Comms Hub and display it!

Now I’ve tagged Ben here, I’m hoping he’ll pop his head above the parapet and try the same remedy for you!

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Thanks for expanding on that @Transparent

When other users search on the Forum the topic titles play a key role in what comes up in search results, so for that reason it's a good idea to keep them distinct when looking for one issue or the other 

Thanks @Transparent for picking this up and suggesting a line if enquiry.

Hi @Nancy_OVO, for the sake of clarity as to what the support team may have done I've pasted the relevant part of the email below:

"I have requested that your IHD's firmware be refreshed which can hopefully get your IHD fully smart operational. The firmware update should fix your IHD's display in the next 48 hours. After 48 hours can you please switch off your IHD and back on again."

I've restarted the IHD several times over the past 5 days without result.

Also, my IHD has been positioned between 8 and 15 feet away with 2 walls between it and the meter/communication hub. I've now moved  it directly next to these but have not see any electricity data yet.

Hoping the above helps.

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I’m not sure what the agent is referring to when they say they’ll “refresh the firmware”, @Wigwam66, can you send us a message on Facebook or Twitter so we can look into this further please? In your message please confirm your name, DoB and account number :grinning:

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If you look here @Eva_OVO you’ll see that @BenS_OVO is effectively re-syncing the four on-site parts of a Smart Meter set up by sending an XRITM command.

The CS staffer may not know exactly what the techies do, but referring to the process as “refreshing the firmware” isn’t far off the truth.

Sometimes I feel I could do with my firmware being refreshed! :wink:

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Hye @mark17hp,


Do you have any error messages on the IHD? Is it just the graphs that aren’t showing, or is there anything else not showing correctly?


The more info we get, the more we’ll be able to figure out what the issue is and get it sorted for you!