Why is my new SMETS2 gas meter not sending my meter readings to OVO?

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I did receive a call from OVO today who said that they had done something behind the scenes on their system and that I should shortly see the gas meter reads, but I will wait and see… they are calling me back on Monday to check.


Thanks @Tim_OVO and @Transparent for your input.


I had a SMETS2 Electricity and Gas meter installed a couple of weeks ago. The electric meter is sending readings, but the gas meter is not. What is the point of having a smart meter if it is dumb and I have to keep sending in readings for it? I had an email from OVO to say they were going to take daily readings, but the gas meter is still not sending readings. Please can you help. Thank you.

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Howdy @marilyn53 !

Sorry about the trouble there. Do you remember exactly when your Smart Meters were installed by any chance? If you could provide us with a few photos as well, that helps me to double check exactly what you’ve got - sometimes we can provide a few extra tips that depend on what they are.

It can take up to six weeks for newly installed Smart Meters to fully commission, for which the clock usually starts on the date they’re first installed. This allows time for the meters to be registered with OVO and with the DCC, download and install any pending firmware updates, pull down the config settings (such as your tariff rates) and do a bunch of other self-tests in the background. It has been known for electricity meters to rapidly start sending in meter readings, but gas meters tend to need more time as they only wake up and perform a heartbeat roughly every 30 minutes or so - any faster than that could drain the internal battery a lot sooner than it should. This can result in the gas meter taking longer to start communicating with OVO.

With that being said though, there’s definitely a couple of things I can help you to check, just to make sure the gas meter is definitely talking to the Comms Hub above the electric meter. I’ll walk you through those once I know what you’ve got.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need us. :)

Thank you for your reply. I have now spoken to someone at OVO and they are sending someone out to look at the meter.

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You’re welcome.

Hopefully the engineer can figure out what’s happening and get things kickstarted. You never know, it might be an easy fix if you’re lucky!

If you ever need help again, you’re more than welcome to stop by anytime and we’ll be here if you need us. :)


I’ve just had my meters changed at last after two no shows by OVO, this for solar SEG, I’ve been left with an IHD not displaying gas charges and no blue emblem either, inspected gas meter and no lights flashing unlike the electric that flashing every five seconds.

phoned the Shell engineer who fitted them, completely ignored all my messages left to him explaining  I had a fault, so far all OVO have done is ask for meter numbers that I have previously sent to them, so no help whatsoever, so any Idea what is wrong as the service so far from OVO is disgraceful 



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Hi @fazerboy ,

Thanks for stopping by the forum today. I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers here.

I think I can diagnose this one pretty easily. It’s highly likely your gas meter is still setting itself up and isn’t yet ready to start communicating with your IHD - it can take up to six weeks for this to complete. If you’d like me to, I can help with a quick diagnostic, but I could do with seeing photos of your meters so that I know what you’ve got.




thanks for your reply, the period of six weeks was never mentioned by the installation engineer or OVO so far, which I would expect if they have the experience of this previously, so a little annoying if this is a common problem.

Any further help would be beneficial as OVO don’t seem to be assertive in producing answers for me or actually doing anything to resolve the poor service so far that I have had from them 




Photos of meters fitted on 11.4.22 

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Ok, it looks to me as if the gas meter is connected and is getting a good signal. It’s probably just not ready to start talking yet.

The six week commissioning period isn’t a fault, but a standard process across all suppliers. It’s not very often that any of them mention this upfront I’m afraid, so OVO is no worse than anyone else in that factor.

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Sorry to hear of the difficulty you’ve had reporting the smart meter installation issues, @fazerboy.


As @Blastoise186 mentions, this sounds like the expected 6 week initialisation process. Read more about what’s going on behind the scenes here.


Have you managed to login to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) to see whether the usage data is being received yet?