Why is my In Home Display (IHD) only displaying gas usage?

  • 13 December 2018
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There’s no harm in us checking, @Mikeovo!

I couldn't see a 0 keypad on either of my meters.

On the electric meter it has 2 grey keypads and after pressing one of them I did get a current date and time message.

On the gas meter keypads A and B only seem to show gas energy usage but after pressing the C keypad I see what is shown in my picture (below):

p.s. if my gas meter loses sync with the IHD again, is it okay to select the 'wake up' option or should all meter options like these on either meter only be altered by OVO ?

Many thanks.


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Hi @Mikeovo - well you gave it a good try!

Unfortunately the instructions from @Beth_OVO refer to SMETS1 meters manufactured by Secure.

From your description I think you have a SMETS2 electricity meter (ESME) manufactured by Aclara, and a SMETS2 gas meter (GSME) manufactured by Uniflo!

There’s no point checking anything at the GSME because you know that gas data is already arriving at your IHD.

Equally, if you look at the Communications Hub, which is bolted above the ESME, we can already predict the pattern of the LEDs.

SW, WAN, HAN and GAS will all be showing the slow-flash pattern. (I assume you have a SKU1 type Comms Hub, so the MESH indicator will be unlit).

Unfortunately there is no flash pattern to assist in diagnosing a fault in the ESME sending data to the IHD. It must already be sending data to the Comms Hub, because that’s how OVO are obtaining it for Billing and your Online Usage-graphs. That discounts any problem with the IHCI, which is the connector between these units.

So, if my analysis is correct, the problem is software related and within the Comms Hub.

How am I doing?

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Hi @Transparent 

Yes you are right they are SMETS2 meters and you are right all 4 indicators flash apart from MESH.

Are you saying if it's a software issue it's down to OVO to fix it and there's nothing that can be done my end ?


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Yes, precisely @Mikeovo - hence the comment I made above to @Ed_OVO yesterday. Only  OVO can resolve this.

The difficulty with these various “missing data” errors is that OVO staff have been addressing them individually instead of gathering the information, looking for patterns, and deducing common cause(s).

They’ve been “fixing” them one at a time, which merely loses another site where the carefully-reported symptoms are now no longer present. :face_palm_tone2:

That’s why I was so pleased to hear that the fault on your site was changing rather than static. It gives the engineers a fighting chance of analysing the data-stream without actually applying an interim fix.

And that’s why I’m again going to tag @Tim_OVO in the hope that he can give us some feedback on what’s happening and who’s going to liaise with us whilst the analysis is going on.

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I see. I understand now. Thanks

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Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter@Mikeovo, we can do a few checks behind the scenes and if we need more information we’ll send over the right smart meter health check. If you don’t use social media you can message us on webchat via the Help Centre

We had our Ovo Smart Meter fitted about 3 weeks ago and all was good until a few days ago - now the in home display only seems to be showing the gas usage, it has no electricity info on display at all and there seems to be no way to get it back.


The electricity usage seems to be logging on the Ovo app ok - it’s just the display unit that’s not picking it up. I’ve tried moving it nearer to the meter but that made no difference.


Pressing the ‘Now’ or energy select buttons has no effect either.

Any suggestions? Thanks!



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Hi @derbyphil and welcome to the Forum.

What you’re experiencing is not unusual. There’s quite a lot more off-site work to fully commission your new Smart Meters once the Installer leaves site. There used to be around 5 weeks interval before everything was operational, but most customers report this is now reduced.

When the equipment is first linked up on-site, your In Home Device (IHD) picks up the default tariff information from  your Communications Hub so that you can be shown how it operats. However your real tariff costs don’t get downloaded until much later.

Equally there will be software upgrades applied both by OVO and the various hardware manufacturers. Any of these might leave your system partially operational until the final testing is done.

Check online on your My OVO page to see if this is yet reflecting the actual tariff costs that you signed up for.

And then have a look at the Topic about SMETS2 Installation where there’s lots more background information. 

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I’ve popped you post here, @derbyphil. the above thread teamed with @Transparent’s expert advice, should put you in good stead!


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Hi @MikeG - wowza your topic now has over 10,000 views!


Any advice on how you sorted this, that you could offer to @parekhd on this topic? Very similar issue to yours….

My new smart meters and IHD have only been in for 2 weeks but the IHD is now only showing the gas usage but not the electric.  I have tried everything to restore it but nothing works.  We had a power cut last week which might have caused this.   When it was set up both readings were showing. Please help.


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Hi there @Sue Lavender !

Sorry about that. This does seem a bit strange. If you let the Support Team know about this in the morning, they can run some diagnostics with you and then restart the meters if needed.

The Comms Hub definitely seems to be working fine at least, so it’s possible the Electric Meter just got a bit messed up somehow. The Support Team should be able to get you back on the road in no time though.

If that doesn’t work, feel free to let me know and I can try to advise.

Thank you Blastoise186.  I sent a mesage to but nobody replied.  If I click on Support Centre I seem to end up going round in circles.  Are you able to give me an email address please?

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Sure thing. Here’s the contact info as requested.

Email: - when you email in, you should get an auto-reply within five minutes to confirm receipt. If you don’t get one, either your email failed to deliver properly or it went off somewhere else and you’ll probably need to retry. From there, it can take up to 5 working days for a response. Please check the Spam/Junk folder too!

Phone: 0330 303 5063 - open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Live Chat: it shows up near the bottom of the page as a pink button when Live Chat is available. At all other times, it’s replaced with a green Email Us button instead. Live Chat is usually open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday.

Forum: Right here! This forum can’t help with account specific queries as we’re unable to access your account from here, but forum volunteers such as myself can definitely offer advice that can sometimes save you a call.

Please feel free to let me know if you still get stuck. I’m monitoring this thread and will jump back in if you need me.

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Hi @Sue Lavender and welcome to the OVO online community.


Sorry to hear your IHD isn’t showing you both your gas and electricity usage info - as this is something that has been encountered here before I’ve moved your post over to a similar thread as I think the best answer will give some good tips to getting to the bottom of things.


Have you checked whether the usage data is viewable on your online account yet?  If not it might be worth doing a smart meter health check (you can find out how to do this for S1 meters here or S2 meters here). This will help us diagnose any communication issues we might be having. You can email the results to the team on the email address given above - we aim to respond with 5 working days but its usually a bit quicker than that. 


Do keep us updated - we’ll be happy to help if there are any further questions. :blush: