Why has my SMETS2 Smart meter stopped uploading my readings? Has it disconnected from the Wide Area Network (WAN) after exactly 6 months?

  • 5 July 2021
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I have a SMETS2 meter. Installed about 7 months ago.

Worked for 6 months.

Then, exactly 6 months to the day after it was installed, OVO usage pages show a total ceasing of data being uploaded over the WAN, and my last bill show estimated readings.

The WAN LED on the SMETS2 electricity meter flashes green every 5 seconds, which is correct as I understand it, showing correct connectivity. The gas meter has HAN comms to it. The IHD works. Both meters are logging usage locally.

This suggests to me that OVO have just dropped my meter off the WAN at their end or not paid some WAN subscription?



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Thanks @ajr ,

This could have just been a temporary glitch, so I’d recommend keeping an eye on things and see if the meters recover by the end of the week. I’m not convinced that OVO forgot to pay any bills because that would technically nuke ALL S2 meters! And it’s rather… Unlikely that your meter would get randomly disconnected from the WAN either.

If it doesn’t recover by Friday, please stop by again and we’ll see what we can do.

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Hi @ajr,


Sorry to hear about the signal issues you’re having with your smart meters. As our community volunteer, @Blastoise186 has advised - 



This could have just been a temporary glitch, so I’d recommend keeping an eye on things and see if the meters recover by the end of the week.



There’s many reasons for signal issues and they are often intermittent. If you’re still not seeing any usage data on your online account it might be worth checking out our Smart meter health check and contacting the Support Team with the results. 


Hope this helps in getting things sorted - don’t forget to pop back with an update. :slight_smile:

Its logged no daily usage since May 26th - there are no hourly readings available and the daily readings are clearly just estimates because every day usage is basically the same as every other. So that’s more than a month its had no data extracted over the WAN.


I double-checked last night and the WAN/HAN green lights flash every 5 seconds as they should. The WAN signal strength on one of the screens was showing -32 dBm which would be a fairly decent signal for GSM, but I am in the “North” so I am on the different radio system.


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Ahh ok. I will admit that the Arqiva Long-Range Radio WAN is not exactly the most reliable or stable thing in the world @ajr and you’re not the first member to have issues with it.

But with that said, -32dBm is actually pretty healthy for the most part, regardless of the technology being used. That suggests you’re either really close to a transceiver or the one that your meter is communicating with is really, really powerful and blasting out a very strong signal to your area.

Pretty much anything that’s between 0dBm and -50dBm is more or less in the range that I consider excellent. But yeah, this is something that the Support Team will definitely want to investigate.