Why doesn't the OVO app show half-hourly usage costs?

  • 8 November 2021
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My daily usage on my OVO app used to show in pounds and pence but has now changed to Watts. My monthly usage still shows in pounds and pence though.


Does anyone know how to fix this?





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15 replies

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Welcome to the forum @Iggo99

Do you mean the app on your phone? What sort of phone do you have?

Thanks @Mw2870 .


I do mean the app on my phone. I can't find any sort of "display" settings to amend. It was showing my daily usage on the phone app in pounds and pence and has now gone to Watts. Monthly usage has stayed in pounds and pence though 🤷‍♂️


I have a Samsung S20 (I think...)

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I have a Samsung S20 (I think...)

Cool! I don’t have access to the Android version of the app, but hopefully someone who does will be along shortly with some advice!

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Like me by any chance? XD

I’ve just been watching this thread over the last half hour, mainly to see how things play out.

This is one that’s come up a few times, so I’m aware of it. The Daily view in the app is actually for Half-Hourly usage data where it’s not practical to show the cost in money because it’s usually too small a value to actually be meaningful. Monthly view shows daily data and Yearly view shows monthly. Make sure to switch to either of those two tabs to see the cost option re-appear!

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Mind you, when I think about it… This probably could be better explained in the app with some kind of tooltip or similar. Perhaps something like “Where’s the costs gone? Daily view can’t show costs because most of the time it would be under 1p for each half-hourly slot. Please flip to Monthly view if you’d like to see your costs.

Thanks for bringing this up by the way @Iggo99 . I’ll have a chat with Tim and Jess in case they’re able to feed this back to the team.

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I’m a product manager for a software company and I constantly annoy my team with the following rhetoric…. “if a user has to log a support ticket/forum post to work out how to do something, we probably haven’t made it simple enough”

Now that may be a utopian land I dream of, but we have to dream….

@Blastoise186 thanks for the response!


I am sure that it did used to show me a daily break down in pounds and pence though? 


I'm not sure if my tariff change may have affected somehow?


It's not a massive deal to be honest I did just prefer to view it in monetary value as opposed to watts.


Thanks all!

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No worries. I’ve never known the Half-Hourly data under Daily view to show in cost if memory serves, but it’s not really that useful if pretty much all of it says 1p for 98% of the country.

It’s also not really something that I could consider worth trying to fix either. Maybe someday though...

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Note 20 Ultra.…


I'm not sure I'd gain any value from breaking those numbers down into 48 X 30 minute chunks. This is ample for my needs. In fact I care less about the £ than the kWh. I can't change the price, only how much fuel I use.

The daily usage feature seems to be no longer working on the app and the website account.  For quite a while now it’s been saying:

Looks like we couldn’t find your usage data

We’ll take a look at this shortly, please try again later.

But this hasn’t been fixed yet.

Will it ever be fixed as it was really useful to look at the Kwh usage per hour (or half hour?) each day to see where the spikes of electricity usage are, especially now the energy prices are so high

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Sorry to hear about this ongoing missing usage data message you’ve noticed, @Judy_OVO.


Have you checked that we’re still receiving you daily meter readings? You can check this by heading over to the ‘meter readings’ page of the OVO app.


If you notice any missing readings here too there’s a chance we could be experiencing some communication issues with your smart meters in which case we’d recommend carrying out a smart meter health check for your meter type below and contacting our Support Team with the results:


Let us know if this information helps get things sorted! :thumbsup:

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I had the same, but now the half-hourly readings are back. It only took 15 months for that to happen. So OVO uses a rather broad definition of “shortly”, it seems. 


It seems that everything to do with the commissioning of smart meters is absolutely glacial. 


I’ve checked the OVO app and yes you are still receiving daily meter readings for both gas and electricity.  I’ve just had another look at the app and the website account, neither are showing my daily usage figures.  Please can you arrange to have this fixed.

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Great to hear this isn’t a communication issue then, @Judy_OVO.


It could be that your smart meter reading schedule needs to be updated to provide the half-hourly data, or there might be a technical issue with your online account which needs further investigation.


Either way the next best step would be to reach out to the Support Team - ideally you can send them over some screenshots of the issue which can help get things sorted.


Don’t forget to pop back with an update! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jess_OVO for the info, I’ll get in touch with the Support Team and update this forum with the progress