Why doesn't my SSE In-Home Display show my usage (error message status 26-1)?

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My in home display has not worked for over a year. I called SSE two months ago and their contact centre said they would send a new one. Since then nothing.

It is nigh on impossible to get through to them.


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Hiya @mjf3f !

Could you show us some photos of your smart meters and In-Home Display please? I might be able to suggest some options but it’ll depend on what you have.


OK here it is.



SSE told me months ago that they could do nothing and promised a new in home display but since then nothing.

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Hmm… I’m not sure your IHD is the problem here. @kevinmcintyre09 can you check the status code 26-1 for me please?

I’m getting the impression your electric meter is dead and the IHD is fine. Can you tell me what the status lights on the Comms Hub are doing please? It’s to the left of your meter and they're marked SW, WAN, MESH, HAN and GAS.

It is hard to read in daylight but I will try later.

The meter appears to communicate with SSE as I can see my daily consumption in the app. However the IHD would be much better. It did work initially for a few months then suddenly stopped.


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No worries.

As a forum volunteer I can’t fix anything myself. However, I’m a dab hand at diagnostics and there’s still quite a bit I can do even without access to your account.

There are options I can recommend for alternative IHDs, but I prefer to see if the existing one can be fixed first if possible. If you’d still like to go for a replacement anyway, there’s two options I can recommend. That user I tagged happens to also be an expert when it comes to Geo IHDs.

You’ve got SMETS2, so either the ivie Bud or Hildebrand Glow should work if you want to get a new IHD. You do have to pay for them I’m afraid and they’re not exactly cheap, but you’re welcome to pick whichever one you feel happier with. Please be aware that SSE won’t be able to help you out with them though, so you’re best bet would be to stop by this forum again, or contact the relevant support team directly.

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Hi @mjf3f ,


It does not look like there is an issue the the IHD, it is for whatever reason not connected to the smart meter network in your home. If that is the case it should be very easy for SSE to recommission the IHD.


Can I suggest you first move the IHD as close to the electricity meter as possible (I doubt it is out of range, and it is probably the same place as when it was working, however it is worth trying). You can also turn off and on the IHD by unplugging it and plugging it back in, just to be sure.


Assuming that made no difference, please call SSE and ask them to re-commission the device (It is unlikely that the call centre person can do this, it will be someone within the smart team). This is a bit like pairing a Bluetooth headset to your phone. The difference is that SSE have to allow the IHD to connect to their smart meter network. As soon as the IHD it allowed to join your smart meter network, it should automatically join. 


I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.




Kevin @geo

The IHD has always lived on the other side of the incoming meter box and worked well in the beginning.

I have found SSE a nightmare to deal with but had a detailed conversation with someone who said I need a new IHD. Despite their promises it never arrived and that was months ago.

My next door neighbour has exactly the same problems with SSE.

Not sure if OVO will be better but they can’t be worse.

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Kevin McIntyre is a Geo employee and he’s very experienced with their products. He knows more about them than almost anyone else, so I’m confident he’s nailed this one. You have a Geo Trio II Touchbutton and Kevin just happens to be very well placed to offer advice with those.

Would you be willing to give his suggestion a go and see if that works? If it doesn’t, you can always explore the other IHDs I’ve mentioned or I can ask Kevin if he’s willing to dig deeper with you.

I have asked to speak to a technician but the call handler said there was no need and what SSE would do was send out a new IHD.

The whole business of trying to deal with SSE is a nightmare as it takes around 30 minutes holding and then they don’t have any technical knowledge.

I have tried all the rebooting etc and leaving the display in the meter box overnight. Nothing works.

I am 71 and you can’t believe how frustrating all this is. It was one of the reasons I abandoned Windows in favour of Apple some years ago. No waiting for the technology to boot up and no crashing.

The unit on the left flashes green lights on everything but gas periodically.



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Actually, I’m more than capable of crashing macOS in a matter of minutes. It’s something I come close to doing every week at work - and have triggered multiple kernel panics in ways that neither Windows nor any Linux distro would be susceptible to. My own Windows laptop Samurott also boots to desktop in under 6 seconds, but that’s a story for another time.

Getting your IHD back onto the Home Area Network will be pretty easy for SSE to do. Feel free to let them know a Geo representative has already diagnosed the issue based on the status code 26-1 and suggested a solution, which is to re-commission the existing IHD with the comms hub. This is a fix you won’t have tried yet and given I’m confident in Kevin’s diagnostic skills, it’s highly likely to work.

It’s faster to fix the existing IHD than to try and source a replacement. Your options remain open, but it’s worth using the easy one first.

Thanks for that.

How do I actually do this with SSE without the angst of the dreaded call centre ritual?

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You can see all the contact options SSE has available via this link.

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Thanks for that.

How do I actually do this with SSE without the angst of the dreaded call centre ritual?

I have just messaged you, so feel free to drop me an email at work and I will see if I can help more.