Why doesn't my Pipit In Home Display show a live update of my gas cooker usage?

  • 9 May 2022
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my in the home display will not read gas usage when the gas cooker is running yet when the boiler is running it works. I have a pippit 500 and I wonder if someone can help


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Hi @richard1966 ,

I’m afraid no IHD is capable of showing real-time gas usage data because gas meters only provide half-hourly snapshots to the Comms Hub when they ping a heartbeat. As such, your IHD can only show roughly how much gas has been used in the last reported snapshot.

My best guesses are either your usage of the gas cooker falls entirely within a single snapshot but the boiler doesn’t, or your gas cooker doesn’t use enough gas quickly enough to register anything big enough to show up, but the boiler does. These are only theories though as I can’t say for sure.