Why can't OVO offer a replacement In Home Display until my S1 meters are enrolled by the DCC?

I moved into my home in Feb 2021 with SSE and moved straight away to OVO. The smart meter and comms hub is a Aclara SGM1311/SGC1311, but with no IHD, the previous owner either removed/lost/broke it. OVO refuses to replace the smart meter to a newer SMETS2 as this is a planned rollout (which is fine, don’t care, happy to submit readings etc), but they will not provide a replacement IHD either because they state that the Comms hub must be paired to the IHD prior to installation and is fixed, so I may as well wait for the SMETS2 rollout (I won’t hold my breath). I am from the IT industry and do not believe that a display device from a different manufacturer is fixed to the comms hub it can communicate with, this would be the dumbest idea ever. Could anyone confirm that a replacement IHD can be paired and set up with an existing Aclara SGC1311 smart meter?


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Hi @robwalley1963 !

Based on my personal experience - as I used to have this exact meter - I think I have an answer for you. Long story short, your best bet would be to get hold of a SMETS1 enabled Hildebrand Glow after your meter has migrated to DCC. They’re still working on getting more stock out, but you can ask to be notified once it’s ready.

Please don’t purchase an IHD from third party sites like Amazon or eBay. I can guarantee you now that doing so will not work. The only place to get this particular IHD is directly from Hildebrand.

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Sorry to hear you’re yet to receive an In-Home Display (IHD) to monitor your usage, @robwalley1963.


Just to clarify, as we’d need to be in communication with your smart meters in order to get an IHD linked up to your meters, we can’t offer this until your meters have been enrolled and regain connection. Have you checked the timeframe for when we expect your meter type to be upgraded on this topic yet?