Why can't my newly installed smart meter be switched to Economy 7 which is being requested to support a Home Battery installation?

  • 13 October 2021
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We switched to Ovo in July on the confirmed understanding that once a smart meter was installed we could change to Economy 7. This is essential as we have battery storage going in (and part paid for) which will in turn provide cheaper power for our air source heat pump. A smart meter was then installed about 3 weeks ago (Aclara with dual rate functionality).

When we phoned to change tariffs we were first told we couldn’t have E7 at all despite promises and that there was no record of the SM on their database. I sent a photo of it as requested which showed an identical serial number to our account! I included all the history with the photo which is being treated as a complaint (although I never said it was).

Anyway, today I have had a reply which apologised for us being “misadvised” and that the SM can’t be remotely changed to dual rate but offered no solution whatsoever.

Can the SM be remotely switched? I have found conflicting views on here. If not, can an engineer do it? We are not being offered this. We don’t need a five terminal meter, the four terminal installed will be fine.

We are less than pleased by this and have asked for the complaint to be escalated. As it stands we will have wasted £££££ on the batteries unless it gets resolved. Ovo’s response has been really poor.


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3 replies

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Hi there!

I just want to let you know we’ve not forgotten your question, but I’m still looking through resources to find an answer. We’ll keep you posted if we figure anything out, hopefully within the next 24 hours.

Thanks for understanding.

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Hi @Steve J and Welcome to the OVO online community.


It’s really disappointing to hear of your experience when attempting to change from a single rate plan to a dual-rate plan to support your new home batteries. Whilst the Aclara S2 smart meters we install do have the technical capability to allow this change as long as the meter is in communication, we’re restricted by the ability of our new and developing billing platform to support this. We’re hoping to allow this change in the near future, however I appreciate this may not help in your current situation and this may not have been correctly advised before your switch.


As with any short-falls in service, our Complaints process aims to address and reach a fair resolution with you and does allow you to refer the issue on to the Energy ombudsman if we’re not able to reach this resolution within 8 weeks. As you mentioned you’ve already requested your complaint be escalated you should hear from our dedicated Complaints team within 5 working days to discuss things further. As our complaints team will take ownership of your complaint, we’re unfortunately not able to offer further support on this here.


I’m really hoping they are able to help get this resolved, and once again, I’m really sorry for the difficulty you’ve had when making such great carbon-cutting changes to your home. 

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Hi Jess

Thanks for the reply. You are the first to acknowledge it’s the billing system that is the problem - it has been impossible to get the same two responses from numerous people so far. Yesterday I was told the reason was because Ovo weren’t offering Economy 7 at the moment.

I await contact from the complaints team.