Why am I still having issues with my Chameleon 3 IHD despite my dual band comms hub?

  • 26 June 2022
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I’m with EDF but here is a good place for lurking gurus…. EDF finally decided that they had had enough of me moaning about the poor performance of the IHD ( I had 5) so they decided that they would treat me to a dual channel system. As far as the IHD goes, it seems the range ( from the hub) is no better than the 2.4G standard IHD… What’s more, it seems a bit ‘buggy’. I leave it on electric only and I come back later to find it’s showing electric and gas combined. I never touched it, honest, and it’s ony 3M from the HUB. Also, it doesn’t appear to show standing charge for gas, but it does for electric. Any OVO customers here have the benefit of a dual channel system working at 868MHz???



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Hey, welcome back @chartman !

There has been somewhat related private discussions on this forum actually.

You can’t use an IHD3 for this purpose, to my knowledge there’s only Single-Band variants of that. I think the IHD7 probably supports it though. It’s all pretty new however, so there’s not much we can say right now.

A Single-Band IHD will of course, continue to work just fine on a Dual-Band HAN. It just won’t be able to take advantage of the extra range on the 868MHz band.

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Hmmm I have my suspicions… It’s not a 7. On the base it has IHD3. Here is an answer I got from Chameleon Technology when I sent them the GUID and asked if it was a dual band device. 

Hi Martin,

The Chameleon display device that you have is a dual band device.

So it seems it is dual, but there’s no way to tell if it’s connected to the hub at 868MHz according to Chameleon. Actually there is, I think….. The signal strength meter in the top left corner only gave me 2 bars in my IHD3s @2.4G. With this particular IHD3, I get 5 bars for the signal strength @ 3 Metres.

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Urgghhh… Sounds like EDF being too attached to the cheap option as usual…

The IHD6 and IHD7 are vastly superior to the IHD3. I’m surprised Chameleon even makes a Dual-Band IHD3 because at this point, it’s a pretty old model, but yeah… You probably do have that dual-band variant by the sounds of things.

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Hi @chartman and welcome back to the OVO online community,


Just to clarify, as you mention an upgrade to a Dual-band comms hub, this is something OVO (and many other suppliers) now offer to help resolve issues with the Home-Area Network (HAN) of smart meters/IHDs which might be caused if there’s a distance between the meters or device. You can read more about these Dual Band Comms Hubs (DBCHs) here.


If you’re still noticing issues with an IHD following the upgrade of your comms hub this would be one to raise to your energy supplier directly. It could be that there’s issue with your Wide-Area Network (WAN) or the issues you mention are a fault/feature of the device itself.



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Update. It’s definitely buggy. It will randomly lose contact with the HUB showing clock 0:00 and waiting for data. ( 3M from HUB for initial testing purposes)

It won’t show daily charge on gas, despite comments from my supplier ( they all lie don’t they?)

Definitely only 868 MHz. It’s fitted with  a molex pcb antenna 868/915 via a micro connector. 

Range is excellent, I took it to my man cave for investigation and that’s 20 odd metres away. still worked on 2 bars RSSI strength.

Sits in my lounge now with 3 bars on RSSI.