When will the SmartThings app integration with the Chameleon IHD6 be available to OVO customers?

  • 7 October 2021
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Hmm… Strangely it seems the SmartThings integration via Chameleon is completely dead for me - nothing has come through at all and it’s definitely been more than 48 hours. I’m wondering if it really does rely on a CAD enabled IHD after all, since I can’t really have the Kecleon Brothers running 24/7 easily due to my circumstances - I can’t leave them out in the hall by the lift because my landlord would yell at me!

But at the same time, there’s no possible way it can be attempting to use the CAD features on the Kecleon Brothers either. The direct option via Chameleon doesn’t ask you to use the Account Pairing feature on the IHD6, nor asks for the passphrases that get generated either. So that’s probably a thing specific to the Bulb integration rather than the Chameleon one.

Shame really. But since it doesn’t look like I’m going to get anywhere with this, I’m probably going to shut it down and sever the connection. I think there’s a way to do a nuclear option that fully terminates and wipes it out for people who want to be absolutely certain - like me. XD

I’ll do some digging to see what the options are in case anyone decides to stop using the integration and have their data erased without deleting a Samsung Account (since you’ll probably still need it for other things) or completely terminating SmartThings outright (the latter can be done via the app anyway).

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Ok, after quite a lot of digging around, I finally figured it out. I also managed to stump OVO’s Support Team in the process too - they don’t really know much about SmartThings or the Chameleon integration since it doesn’t involve an IHD and it’s not something that OVO manages or supports directly per se - everything goes via Chameleon Cloud and Samsung SmartThings (and technically via DCC as well).

Anyway, I eventually figured it out. If you decide that you don’t want to continue using the Chameleon integration with SmartThings, here’s what you’ll want to do:

  1. In the SmartThings app, edit the Smart Meter device and then tap Linked Services to find the active integration
  2. Delete the relevant Linked Service from the list - which will also remove the device from the app
  3. Contact Chameleon Technology by email using and the subject line Cancellation Request. You can fill out the details of your request in the email itself - you’ll probably want to ask them to delete your Chameleon Cloud Account as well. I’ve done some clever tricks, so that if you click that link above, it’ll automatically create a new draft email with the subject line already filled in for you. Magic!

Once that’s all done, Samsung SmartThings will start to delete the stored data and stop listening to the feed - Chameleon will also shut things down from their end for you by turning off the feed completely.

Please note that the email address above is only for opt-out requests regarding the Chameleon Integration with Samsung SmartThings. For everything else, you’ll want to go via OVO’s Support Team instead.

If you want to totally disable SmartThings completely and stop using the entire app, you can select Leave SmartThings within the app settings before uninstalling it. Please contact Samsung directly if you want to delete your Samsung Account (only do this if you’re not using it for any other purpose!).

If you’re moving out, the SMETS Command Restrict Access for Change of Tenancy will also forcibly disconnect everything from your meters except the Smart Meters, Comms Hub and In-Home Display. This will make sure it all gets turned off properly too.

Update: Apparently the email address listed in the privacy policy for Chameleon doesn’t seem to be working right now. I’ve asked for help to get that looked into and I’ll update this comment again once I figure it out. In the meantime, I’ve been informed that (updated on 20/10/21) is an alternative option that should get through. I’ve updated my comment for now. Probably could do with a much better long-term solution though…

Update 2: I’ve now got the corrected details from Chameleon. This comment has been updated to reflect that.

hey all looks like the Chameleon Smart Meter in SmartThings  isnt the IHD its actually a free service that displays your smart meter data and combines it with the other devices in the SmartThings Energy service which is on the life tab


The energy meter is 0 as its not live data currently as it comes overnight from the smart meter network, but given the tie up with Chameleon it looks like live data will be coming soon.

I signed up on Saturday and i’m getting all my data through :)


more info here as i think they’ve just announced it

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Bit of good news from Chameleon.

They got back to me this morning and have confirmed that they’ve fixed the issue with the opt-out process. The correct email address to use is and this will be updated in their Privacy Notice and Terms of Service soon. I’ve updated my instructions with the new information as well.

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Might have to have a play with this. Anyone know how it compares with the Bright app in terms of information provided?

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Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me but that could just be to unique circumstances that only apply to myself. When it does work though, you get usage data in a format that’s pretty easy to understand and you can also trigger automations in SmartThings that you can’t otherwise do with other apps. It’s also nice that I don’t have to install yet another app to use it!

The best I would recommend is try it out and see what you think. :wink:

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So if i enter my mpan I just get a no compatible smart meters message.  My smart meter has a pipit IHD - does that mean I don’t have the correct Chameleon smart meter?

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Hey there @michaels !

Good question actually. It’s covered in my upcoming guide, which isn’t quite ready to be made public yet. But I can answer this one for you anyway.

You’re close, but not quite there. The Chameleon Integration with Samsung SmartThings does not rely on the use of any IHD at all so it can be used regardless of the IHD you have. However, it sounds like your Smart Meter is a SMETS1 that’s not yet been migrated to DCC, possibly a Secure Liberty 100 Series, so your IHD is probably a Secure Pipit 500.

If you’re with OVO, you might get an email once your Smart Meter starts to migrate, but at the very latest it should happen within the next year or two at the very latest.

If you could show me some photos of your meters, I can double check to make sure I’m on the right track.

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Nice one for this latest guide, @Blastoise186:



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This might just be what we’re looking for: coming soon


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True, I had read about that when I was writing up my guide. However, since ivie isn’t actually available yet, I decided not to include it, so as not to disappoint anyone.

Obviously, it would be a third-party solution, so OVO wouldn’t be able to provide support. We might be able to help out on a community support basis via this forum (assuming a few forum volunteers decide to try ivie out), but it would be limited to just that.

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 true (re: support)… good job I signed up for a front row seat…! XD

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Nice! I'll bring a years worth of popcorn to munch on from the gallery. 🍿