What does the mystery 3 digit number on the Landis + Gyr E470 electricity meter display indicate?

  • 11 January 2022
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I have the Landis E470 electricity meter.  For over a year or more to obtain a reading I have been pressing the green Key 7 times to obtain the result and everything has worked fine.  I have noticed that the 3 digit reading immediately before the electricity reading has always been "000", but 3 days ago it changed to 036.  Are you able to tell me the significance of this 3 digit reading please?

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Hey there @Adrian V ,

Welcome to the OVO Forum. :)

It looks like you accidentally posted some personal info by mistake. Don’t worry, I’ve asked one of the moderators to edit your post to remove it and protect your privacy.

I have to admit that I’m a bit puzzled by your question though, as that doesn’t quite sound right to me. Would you be able to post some photos of your meter please, including one that clearly shows what you’re seeing on the display for that screen? We can try to help you figure this out from there.


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Good spot there, @Blastoise186 - we’ve edited your comment to make sure your details are safe, @Adrian V.


Sounds like a strange one this, as we’re not sure exactly what the numbers on display you mention are indicating - As there’s many different smart meter types (including several with this model name!) it’s fairly tricky to answer this one without more details. Did you take a look at this topic about how to take a reading from these meter manually? This might help us narrow down exactly what version of the e470 model you might have.


It’s worth mentioning that there are several displays accessible via certain menus on all smart meters, such as your tariff information, historic usage information as well as some engineer information which may not be relevant to you as the end customer. Although these will of course vary depending on your exact meter type. As you mention noticing a recent change to this display I’m wondering whether you’ve noticed any other recent changes to your smart meter. If you have an S1 version of this meter this may be due to be ‘enrolled’ as process by which the software is updated allowing the meter to communicate to all suppliers much like an S2 meter would. You should receive an email when this update occurs and you can find more info on this here.


This may be unrelated to the display you mention of course, but hoping together we can get to the bottom of this mystery! :slight_smile: