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I am in a rented property that has a radiotele switch / THTC meter. 

The previous tenants moved this from Ovo to Octopous. 

After much discussion Octopus admitted the switch should never have been accepted as they do not offer a THTC tarrif.

I have asked to move back to Ovo who offer this  - but they have noted they will not accept new customers on a historic tariff  - has anyone elese experienced this or adjusted a THTC to just be on an economy 9 tarrif  / smart meter - was there any downside?


Any help very grateful received!! 

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Howdy @FiFilaroux ,

Would you be OK to give me a little bit of time on this one? Sorry to have to make you wait, but I’ll need to get some advice on how to best advise you. I think there’s a way to get you back onto OVO with THTC, but I’m not 100% sure.

Please give me a couple of days, I’ll aim to get an update ASAP for you!

Thankyou! Any leads very much appreciated - its been a nightmare trying to resolve this!

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I can imagine. I take a seriously strong view that suppliers should NOT be taking anyone on with unsupported setups. I’ve raised this backstage between myself, other Forum Volunteers and the Forum Moderators. Those discussions unfortunately have to remain hidden behind the curtain, but we’ll aim to get something that we can post publicly ASAP. I just want to make sure I don’t mess up the advice!

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Hi @FiFilaroux


I’m really sorry to hear this. 


I’m currently also looking into this for you and will be back with an update once I get a response about this from one of our THTC experts.

Hello -  very much appreciate any information  - was there any further clarity?

Even generally moving from THTC to an economy seven for example?




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Still looking at the moment! I’ll check in with @Shads_OVO 

Thankyou so much!! 

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Hey @FiFilaroux,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this for you. We asked one of our specialist teams who deal with complex meters, and they’ve said, unfortunately, there isn’t any way for us to switch you back just yet. They are currently working on migrating customers with these specific types of meters to our new billing platform, and once this is done, we can welcome you onboard as a customer. I’m sorry this won’t be the answer you were looking for. You’re welcome to return to this thread and pop a message asking for an update so we can check on the progress for you. ​


If you have anymore questions please let us know.