The OVO SMETS2 Smart Meter Health Check (SMHC)

  • 10 September 2020
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The OVO SMETS2 Smart Meter Health Check (SMHC)

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Yup! That definitely helps a lot more than you could possibly imagine! You’re also lucky in that I’ve learnt a lot about Aclara over the last year - not least because I’ve had both S1 and S2 Aclara meters in my time.

Your SKU1 Comms Hub confirms that it’s either a Toshiba SKU1 Cellular, or a WNC SKU1 Cellular which is definitely the right type for your location. There’s not really much difference between the Toshiba and WNC hubs that is particularly noticeable other than the branding and some internal stuff. But they’re otherwise pretty similar.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve cracked the case. Now we just need a solution. Given that the HAN light has never flashed at all, this suggests that either there’s absolutely nothing paired to the HAN at all (or that it’s disabled somehow) or there’s a fault. The signal strength on the meter is definitely not meant to show -99dBm like that, so yeah… That’s not right.

I’ve never heard of any cases where a fully remote commission has been possible, so this probably will require one of OVO’s engineers to stop by and pay you a visit. They should be able to either try to get your Site commissioned properly, or attempt to look at other solutions. Next time you contact the Support Team or update any related open complaints with OVO, please include a link to this thread and let the agent know that Blastoise186 has been helping you out on the forum. It can often speed things up.

Fingers crossed for this one!

My Gas smart meter is not working. It doesn't show up at all on the in house display (the electric meter appears fine), and my account page suggests it's not talking to OVO and there's been no readings since a manual one in April of last year.

I supplied a new, manual reading today, and while digging around in the meter menus (following the instructons on here, thanks!) noticed that the "meter status" was "offline". The signal bars on the gas meter reading display are also missing, suggesting that it’s not talking to the hub. However, on the hub itself by the electricity meter, i do see the HAN signal bars and the HAN lights flashes slowly - which i think means all is well?  

The smart meters were installed by OVO in 2020, they’re SMETS2 . Can anyone suggest next steps?





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Hey there @linedpaper !

Oops, that’s not right. Thanks for those details by the way, it helps a lot. I think the best course of action from here would be to reach out to the Support Team and let them know your gas meter has lost the HAN connection. They’ll go through some steps with you and if they still can’t fix the problem, it’ll be escalated for further investigation.

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Great to hear that you’ve already found some helpful smart meter info here on the OVO online community, @linedpaper.


Have you taken a look at the smart meter health check guide above?


This gives you the lowdown on the type of checks that our Support Team will ask you to carry out to help diagnose why we haven’t been receiving the gas readings automatically. It may be that there’s some remote fixes we can try to get things back online, or we might have to schedule in another visit from an engineer to take a look at things.


In the meantime we’d recommend logging your gas readings monthly (as you’ve just done this month) to make sure your charges are accurate.


Do pop back and let us know what the verdict is once you’ve spoken to the Support Team - always great to get an update here! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ve called support now - who ran me through the checks you mentioned - and it’s been passed to the ’smart meter team’, who will get back to me in the next 47 working days(!) hopefully they’ll sort it. 


Just to tie this off. The support team called me back and told me that they'd done "some fixes at their end". Sure enough later that day the display announced a new gas meter had been initialised and all is now appearing correctly.


Cheers all.