Taking a manual reading from a Landis+Gyr E470 smart meter

  • 14 September 2021
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Taking a manual reading from a Landis+Gyr E470 smart meter
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How to read the many versions of an L & G electricity smart meter!


Landis + Gyr don’t make things easy when it comes to working out whether your smart meter is SMETS1 or SMETS2. Thankfully our community volunteer has already written a great guide to help you work that one out:



Need to take a reading from one of these meters to submit on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS)? - We’ve got you covered!


Have 2 square buttons, one directly above the other, like this?:


This one’s known as Type 5424


If you’ve got a single rate meter, you may notice that you’re reading is already showing on the default meter screen.


Need to see it back-lit? Just tap the ‘A’ button to scroll through the display options until you see ‘R01’ the reading will be shown in the bottom right of the LCD screen.


If you’ve got a dual rate version of this meter press and hold down the ‘B’ button for roughly 5 - 10 seconds  - then tap the ‘A’ button. This will toggle between the ‘R01’ reading and the ‘R02’ reading as demonstrated in this handy video:



If your square buttons are spaced out in diagonally opposite corners like this:


And this one’s type 5394


It may look slightly different but the process is the same:




Now for a bit more of a mystery and an appeal for some peer-peer knowledge sharing!


Got a SMETS 1 version of this meter with a black border around the screen, like this?:


Landis + Gyr E470 SMETS 1


We’d love to include this version in the guide but are struggling to work out the method for reading this one manually. Got this meter and managed to work it out? - Comment below and help others who might be at a loss!


Brownie points to whoever figures this one out first :thumbsup:


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Well, strangely enough… I think I might have the answer - or at least some clues!

YouTube turned out to be a treasure trove for me before and it came up with more gold this time. I’ve had to be careful because loads of the videos I came across are full of complaints and other stuff which wouldn’t work for this. But I eventually managed to find two that seem to be helpful in at least some way.



It seems that the answer is to basically mash the A button a million times to get the R01 reading and probably do the same button mashing finger yoga as the S2 version to switch to the R02 reading.

From what I know about Aclara meters, both the S1 Aclara SGM1300 Series and S2 Aclara SGM1400 Series have very similar menu, navigation and UI/UX setups for the most part - with the biggest differences only really being the few things that are exclusively found on only one gen (like how only the S2 Aclara supports Privacy PIN capability).

Be careful though - apparently S1 L+G E470 meters are prone to crashing/freezing and rebooting unexpectedly when you attempt these processes. It shouldn’t interrupt your supply or cause metrology issues that impact the billing, but it’s worth noting either way. The most common symptom seems to be the display lighting up basically everything and being completely unresponsive to pressing any buttons. If this happens, you’ll need to leave the meter alone for a while (10 minutes should be enough) and try again after that. Pressing a button after this point should get you back on the road.

I’d probably blame it on terrible and unreliable firmware!

With that said though, it would be great if someone could test this out and confirm whether this works or not. Raichu is an S2 Aclara, so it’s impossible for me to get access to an S1 L+G.

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Thanks for the research, @Blastoise186 - not sure we’ve fully got to the bottom of the mystery though.


Let’s see if we can get confirmation from someone with access to one of these meters before we hand out the brownie points (extra brownie points if you can post a video demo!) :wink: