Switching from British Gas to OVO Using Current BG Installed Smart Meters?

  • 6 September 2017
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I am considering switching my electricity & gas supplier from British Gas to OVO. I currently have a Smart Meter which was installed by BG. Would this meter continued to be used by OVO (i.e. it wouldn't be necessary to install a completely new meter by OVO)?
If it would continue to be used by OVO, would it be necessary for OVO to change the method of communicating meter readings ( Ithink BG receive reading via mobile phone technology)? Assuming that OVO will need to do something to link my Smart Meter to their systems, would manual readings have to be submitted until such time that the alteration was made?
Thanks in advance


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Hey @mfaz Welcome to the forum!

I have moved your question to this topic is its something another user already asked. All the info you need should be on this thread but if you need any further help or advice get posting below.

@CityFlyer nailed it in terms of where the industry is right now, in the future smart meters will be much more compatible, but for now, you'd need to submit readings manually or sign up to get new meters fitted.

Hope this all helps!

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Updated on 06/05/21 by Jess_OVO: 

OVO supports British Gas S2 meters so these meters would still send the readings automatically if you switch to us.


If your British Gas smart meter was installed before the summer of 2019 it will likely be an S1 smart meter. These meters were not originally compatible with OVO, however the Smart Data Communications Company (DCC) are currently in the process of remotely upgrading these to work with all suppliers, like an S2 smart meter.


All S1 meters should be upgraded by September 2022. Switching to OVO before this upgrade happens will mean your smart meter will function as a traditional meter and you’ll have to read the meter manually in the meantime. 

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I also want to know the answer to this question 🙂
I have just switched to Ovo from British Gas. British Gas installed smart meters and an in home display earlier this year, will these be working as smart tech still now I have switched? Thanks.
Interesting reading so far...I have a few questions:

What do I do with my current BG smart reader?
Will it still work / provide accurate usage? (apart from cost due to tariff changes)
Can BG still access my information / usage details?
Will OVO install a new one for free?
What are the differences between OVO and BG smart readers!!?

Phew...hopefully someone can give specific answers opposed to a generic answer from the Community Manager :)

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It is due to the move to OVO. Currently they can't support the BG meters!
Frustrating I know!!

For now you will have to take readings manually.

Check out this thread:

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I joined OVO from BG last month and, as I've stated on this forum before, OVO Smart Meters and IHDs are not compatible with BG or any other supplier for that matter.

However, OVO were very quick in asking me if I wanted an OVO Smartmeter and IHD, to which I agreed. A date was fixed very quickly and an OVO Smart Meter installer called as agreed and very quickly and efficiently changed both gas and electricity meters and installed the IHD. He did a superb job. The old Smart Meters and IHD were taken away to be returned to BG.

So, the bottom line is, if you're joining OVO and are currently using a Smart Meter with your current supplier -you will have to have OVO supply you with new meters and IHD, AT NO EXTRA COST.

In my opinion, the day when all Smart Meters from all suppliers are compatible with each other is some way off. When that happens, and the systems "talk" to each customer's energy suppliers' databases, that will save the industry a mountain of cash. Clearly when Smart meters were originally rolled-out, the fact that customers want to, and are actually urged to, switch suppliers wasn't fully thought through. Nevertheless that day will come sooner or later.

One word of warning to new users of OVO Smart Meters -check the electricity and gas rates in User Account Info.on the IHD. In my case they were incorrect and not what I signed up for. The call centre staff were clearly not up to speed on what the rates should be and definitely need some extra training. After several emails, the correct rates were uploaded to my IHD and now I can see exactly what I am spending on energy at any point in time, which is exactly the whole purpose of the IHD!

Hope the above helps anyone who is, or is thinking of, becoming an OVO customer and needs to change Smart Meters.
Hello, I'm just about to switch from BG and have one of their smart meters can anyone tell me if it's going to work?
Hello all,
New user to Forum and new to OVO. I hve a BG smart meter fitted and wondered what will happen to it when I switch suppliers shortly.
Will continue to work with OVO supply or will it be redundant?
I have just switched to Ovo and they are asking me for opening readings. My previous supplier for both gas and electric was British Gas and they installed smart meters for me. Why do I have to submit meter readings to Ovo now when I presume they have access and can pull the information directly?

If its just an opening reading then fine but will I have to continue giving readings?
Hi, I move to ovo on Monday. I have smart meters installed my BGas (landsis gry e470) installed about 6 months ago. Will these work with ovo?
If not can ovo install me a new one?
Also do they charge?
i just switched to ovo from british gas I have a bg smart meter installed will ovo install a new one or can they use the one I have in place?
I've recently switched to OVO from British Gas. British Gas Installed Smart Meters for me a year or so ago and I am now hearing that OVO cant use these. Is that correct?
Hi, I had British Gas smart meters and they needed to be replaced with OVO smart meters as they were not compatible with their system. Mad because you would think all smart meters would be compatible across all energy suppliers. Hope this helps.
Thank you very much. Good to know.
Hi Sophie,
I also had BG Smart Meter. Once your account with Ovo is active, you can book an appointment on their web site to replace them with Ovo ones. It is free to you, but I guess we are all paying for the complete cock up that sees incompatibility between companies. Good luck. Ours went very smoothly, they call in advance to let you know when they will be there.
Recently moved from BG. Unfortunately the BG smart meters are not compatible. OVO kindly came to install their own.

Was disappointed to learn that they aren't able to show a running daily total which resets daily like the old BG meter used to. OVO have made me aware I can find all this information on the app and website which is great but its still not as helpful as a visual on a smart meter like my old BG one. I understand OVO don't offer these services yet.

I have heard they are sending out newer smart meters for pilot for new customers. Hopefully these offer the daily information. Its a shame that customers cant opt in to the pilot.
Hi....i have just switched to ovo & previously had a smart meter with British Gas....Now ovo have offered me one...Do i upgrade to Ovo's Smart meter as i now hold an account with them ?

Hey @ESlattery

I've moved your query over to this topic - check out the best answer at the top!

Hi @LeginSenoj

Thanks for getting involved on the Forum! I've moved your query to our existing topic on British Gas smart meters.

We're currently offering SMETS1 smart meters to our customers. These aren't compatible with all suppliers at the moment. However, once our new generation of SMETS2 smart meters are ready to be rolled out (in late 2018) we'll be able to remotely upgrade all our existing SMETS1 meters - meaning these wouldn't need to be replaced (and would be compatible with any energy provider).

Hope this helps,
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Hey @bertimcg I've moved your question here as @CityFlyer already found out the answer!

We have a great 2 year fixed deal at the moment, and as soon as you are on supply you can arrange an appointment to get ours fitted for free so its pretty straight forward.

Here's the link if you decide to go for it. It's worth checking out:

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Hey @PaulB30 Great to see you signing up and adding a picture as well!!

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Although you are Pay as you go, there is a topic here in Pay Monthly that should answer your questions so have a read and if you need anything else get posting below and we can all help you further.


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@avfth Welcome to the forum! I have moved your question here as a few other customers have asked about this so hopefully all the answers are here!

Let us know if you need any further help, or feel free to reach out to another user on this thread for more advice. You can @ them in a reply or comment if you'd like to ask them directly.

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This is great thread to post these specific questions on, as there a number of other users going through the same journey you are and we've already managed to answer a number of the questions raised. Hopefully they will be able to give some help and advice here. @stateofit @CityFlyer any advice to offer here?

If you need anything else, we will of course be on hand to answer any other questions you have.