Switching from British Gas to OVO Using Current BG Installed Smart Meters?

  • 6 September 2017
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Hello, I'm just about to switch from BG and have one of their smart meters can anyone tell me if it's going to work?
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Updated on 06/05/21 by Jess_OVO: 

OVO supports British Gas S2 meters so these meters would still send the readings automatically if you switch to us.


If your British Gas smart meter was installed before the summer of 2019 it will likely be an S1 smart meter. These meters were not originally compatible with OVO, however the Smart Data Communications Company (DCC) are currently in the process of remotely upgrading these to work with all suppliers, like an S2 smart meter.


All S1 meters should be upgraded by September 2022. Switching to OVO before this upgrade happens will mean your smart meter will function as a traditional meter and you’ll have to read the meter manually in the meantime. 

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I also want to know the answer to this question 🙂