Switching from British Gas to OVO Using Current BG Installed Smart Meters?

  • 6 September 2017
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Hi, I had British Gas smart meters and they needed to be replaced with OVO smart meters as they were not compatible with their system. Mad because you would think all smart meters would be compatible across all energy suppliers. Hope this helps.
My BG monitor is now just constantly showing "connecting to smart meter" so the display appears to have been disconnected since joining OVO 😞
I changed to OVO recently. I previously had smart meters fitted by British Gas and had the Home Display Unit (which doesn't work now).

I would like to check if my meters are compatible with your system, or can be set up to be used by yourselves.
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I joined OVO from BG last month and, as I've stated on this forum before, OVO Smart Meters and IHDs are not compatible with BG or any other supplier for that matter.

However, OVO were very quick in asking me if I wanted an OVO Smartmeter and IHD, to which I agreed. A date was fixed very quickly and an OVO Smart Meter installer called as agreed and very quickly and efficiently changed both gas and electricity meters and installed the IHD. He did a superb job. The old Smart Meters and IHD were taken away to be returned to BG.

So, the bottom line is, if you're joining OVO and are currently using a Smart Meter with your current supplier -you will have to have OVO supply you with new meters and IHD, AT NO EXTRA COST.

In my opinion, the day when all Smart Meters from all suppliers are compatible with each other is some way off. When that happens, and the systems "talk" to each customer's energy suppliers' databases, that will save the industry a mountain of cash. Clearly when Smart meters were originally rolled-out, the fact that customers want to, and are actually urged to, switch suppliers wasn't fully thought through. Nevertheless that day will come sooner or later.

One word of warning to new users of OVO Smart Meters -check the electricity and gas rates in User Account Info.on the IHD. In my case they were incorrect and not what I signed up for. The call centre staff were clearly not up to speed on what the rates should be and definitely need some extra training. After several emails, the correct rates were uploaded to my IHD and now I can see exactly what I am spending on energy at any point in time, which is exactly the whole purpose of the IHD!

Hope the above helps anyone who is, or is thinking of, becoming an OVO customer and needs to change Smart Meters.
I had a smart meter fitted by British Gas over a year ago. Having switched to OVO it nolonger
works. Why?
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@ngmcminn, @skittler and @snorkels

Thanks for sharing your questions on the forum. @CityFlyer has been super helpful on this one. In short its very likely your Bristish Gas Smart meters won't work, something all suppliers are supposed to advise you of when you switch.

However if you don't want to get them replaced, then you can simply submit meter readings each month like you would have done before having Smart Meters. The long term plan is to look at upgrading all existing Smart Meters to be compatible across suppliers, but the industry has a little way to go on this before that's a reality.

Please post below if you have any further questions and a member of our community or one of our mods will be happy to help.

can anyone put me straight I already have smart meters fitted by British Gas which don't function with Ovo will I be able to have smart meters fitted by Ovo which do work
Hi, I had a smart meter installed while still at British Gas. Have moved to OVO, but I've noticed my smart meter is no longer connecting. Has anyone had the same problem? Is this due to the move to OVO, or a wifi connection problem. Solutions welcome. Thank you.
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It is due to the move to OVO. Currently they can't support the BG meters!
Frustrating I know!!

For now you will have to take readings manually.

Check out this thread:

Thank you very much. Good to know.
Hi....i have just switched to ovo & previously had a smart meter with British Gas....Now ovo have offered me one...Do i upgrade to Ovo's Smart meter as i now hold an account with them ?
Hi there,
I recently joined OVO from BG, who kindly installed smart meters for gas and electricity. I am now told that OVO will need to install a new meter/meters as they are unable to read the BG ones remotely.

Surely it is not beyond the wit of man and woman to have set a standard for Smart meters so that there would be no need for additional expense every time someone changes supplier (which of course we are encouraged to do). Does this mean that if I change suppliers, I will need yet more meters?

This seems to be a serious own goal by the power companies and the government, who are supporting this. The result is that the cost will be passed on to the customer, so we will be subsiding the failure to plan.
Just my 2p worth.
I switched to OVO from British Gas in September and at the end of October had smart meters fitted as the BG smart meters were not compatible with OVO. I have had 2 gas statements since joining but no electricity statement. Why?
Hi....i have just switched to ovo & previously had a smart meter with British Gas....Now ovo have offered me one...Do i upgrade to Ovo's Smart meter as i now hold an account with them ?

Hey @ESlattery

I've moved your query over to this topic - check out the best answer at the top!

Hi @LeginSenoj

Thanks for getting involved on the Forum! I've moved your query to our existing topic on British Gas smart meters.

We're currently offering SMETS1 smart meters to our customers. These aren't compatible with all suppliers at the moment. However, once our new generation of SMETS2 smart meters are ready to be rolled out (in late 2018) we'll be able to remotely upgrade all our existing SMETS1 meters - meaning these wouldn't need to be replaced (and would be compatible with any energy provider).

Hope this helps,
Dear Emily,
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it doesn’t answer my basic question, which put simply, is why is the customer having to pay for the ridiculous situation that exists where the industry and government failed to agree a standard for meters before implementation. We are having tom pay too much already for our energy without having to pay extra for incompetence over which we had no control. An answer to that question would be appreciated
Best wishes
Legin the unready
Just spoke to an OVO member of staff re. my question above and below I've briefly explained what would need to happen....

BG fitted Smart Meters would not be able to communicate with OVO for readings etc. Therefore meter readings would have to be given to OVO via email or your account on their website.

If you want to have the functionality that a Smart Meter provides, OVO would have to arrange to install their Smart Meter in your property as was the case with BG.

I know this is absolutely crazy, but, until there is a central database able to communicate across all energy suppliers I'm afraid this is what we have to live with. Apparently this is being worked on, but don't hold your breath!!:?:?

Hope this helps.
Alternatively, Ovo are unable to read the BG smart meters, so are installing their own at a cost to the consumer. It seems very much a case of which came first. In my case BG came first, so why can’t Ovo read the BG meters instead of installing new ones?
Best wishes
Legin the Terrible
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How can I find out if my British Gas Smart Meter is compatible with Ovo?

The likelihood is that it won’t be but if you’d like us to check, please let me know your Meter Serial Number (MSN) and we can check the national database. You'll be able to find this on the front of your meter, engraved into the meter box or printed on a sticker attached to the meter box. It usually contains a combination of numbers and letters.

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I switched to OVO from British Gas in September and at the end of October had smart meters fitted as the BG smart meters were not compatible with OVO. I have had 2 gas statements since joining but no electricity statement. Why?

I’ve moved your comment to this current thread, allenm12 as you should be able to find the answer you’re looking for here. :)

Recently moved from BG. Unfortunately the BG smart meters are not compatible. OVO kindly came to install their own.

Was disappointed to learn that they aren't able to show a running daily total which resets daily like the old BG meter used to. OVO have made me aware I can find all this information on the app and website which is great but its still not as helpful as a visual on a smart meter like my old BG one. I understand OVO don't offer these services yet.

I have heard they are sending out newer smart meters for pilot for new customers. Hopefully these offer the daily information. Its a shame that customers cant opt in to the pilot.
I have just moved house and have switched to Ovo Energy. My house has an existing smart meter fitted by British Gas. Can I get a new one fitted by Ovo Energy when my switch is complete for free? Do I need anything else to set this up? Will I still need to send monthly meter readings or will this be automatic with a smart meter (both the existing British Gas one and a potential new one)?
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@CityFlyer @deyoung50 @LeginSenoj @ESlattery able to advise @SophieG on this?
Hi Sophie,
I also had BG Smart Meter. Once your account with Ovo is active, you can book an appointment on their web site to replace them with Ovo ones. It is free to you, but I guess we are all paying for the complete cock up that sees incompatibility between companies. Good luck. Ours went very smoothly, they call in advance to let you know when they will be there.
OVO will sort a new meter for you Sophie, but don't get your hopes up as its not as useful as the current BG one you have. I was a little disappointed with the OVO one but I have been advised new ones will be rolled out soon.

You can find a lot of information on the APP on your usage to be fair but not an easy visual like the BG meter.