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  • 15 March 2023
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I have had a Smart Meter Installed today.  The IHD3 has a daily budget set for £1.16 (this is how it came, I didn’t set this).  We have storage heaters and can easily use £25 per day in very cold weather.  How can I change the daily (or monthly) budget to £25?  When I press the right arrow it increases by 1 pence -- so I’d have to press it about 2,500 times to get to £25 -- this isn’t practical.

What happens when we reach the budget of £1.16 ?  Does an alarm go off?  Does it turn our electricity off?  I don’t want an alarm going off in the middle of the night, so might just have to leave the IHD permanently switch off?

Thank you for any suggestions.

3 replies

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The IHD is just a monitor and will not stop your supply. 
You can set it as you suggest - the idea being that generally once set any changes would be relatively small. There are different registers for daily, monthly settings. 
When your budget is exceeded, it will display a message to that effect. They are designed to give information for you to act on should you wish to

Hi BPLightlog,  Thanks for your answer, that is very reassuring.


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I’m surprised you can only adjust the In Home Display (IHD) target in increments of pennies @Betsy76. You mention an IHD3, is that Chameleon IHD3? There’s a manual by OVO on these here