Ovo are determined to be useless and do the bare minimum - who else is having the same issue?

  • 16 March 2023
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Can anyone explain why OVO is striving to be useless?

I was with SSE until recently, but my problem has been going on for 16 months.

Faulty meters installed, no solutions provided, and I’m living with the mess SSE and OVO have made.

I had several case handlers from OVO during my time at SSE and nothing was done. 

I had to spend OVER A YEAR sending my own calculated readings to an SSE, but now I can’t even do that anymore.

This is despite an Ombudsman ruling 5 months ago - the resolution has still not been implemented.

Now they are mostly ignoring me and are expecting me to wait until April (though they’ll probably just cancel my appointment anyway because I can’t trust them at all), and they’re not even doing the bare minimum, which I am paying for.

The customer service is an absolute joke, and I have no reason to trust any of them. 

Do I take it to court next? 

3 replies

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I’m sorry to hear about this experience, @OVOAreTheWorst.


As your complaint relates to an issue previously escalated to the Ombudsman, I’m not sure you’re going to be able to get much progress on this via this forum. You should have an SSE or OVO complaint handler to contact directly.


Please be aware of our OVO Forum house rules with your future posts. 


That’s the problem, Tim.


I don’t.


Even when I’ve had one, it changes every couple of weeks, and none of them have contacted me or updated me in any meaningful way. Then I was migrated without being told and it took over 12 months to get a peep out of anyone, despite my chasing non-stop.


Even now, OVO is ignoring me and doing nothing to remedy the situation they’ve left me in for 16 months.


It would be helpful if OVO actually followed their joke of a customer charter, or even updated the customers that they continue to fail egregiously. 

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I’ll ask our Forum_Support team to get your account details so we can attempt to find out a contact assigned your complaint. We won’t be able to offer advice on the issue as it’s on the Complaints team to handle things here till resolution or escalation.