Is my smart meter going to be SMETS2?

  • 23 February 2019
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I have an installation booked for Tuesday 5th March but want to know if my meter is going to be a SMETS2 or SMETS1. I live in Liverpool. Hopefully one of the moderators can tell me. I would rather wait if it is not a SMETS2.

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7 replies

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Great to hear about your upcoming smart meter appointment.


Good news is that all smart meters we’re now installing are Aclara SMETS2 smart meters which will communicate with all suppliers. We’ve got a great user guide on what to expect on installation day here.


Previously we were installing Secure SMETS 1 smart meters. Whilst these may not have been able to communicate with all suppliers when first installed (check which suppliers are compatible here), they are due to be remotely upgraded shortly, giving them the same functions as a SMETS2 meter.


Hope this puts your mind at ease and you’re looking forward to enjoying the great benefits of going smart!


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I have a smart meter installed 2 Providers ago which like others in this category do not function properly. Thankfully the only thing they do is give me the meter readings which was at the time a great relief in that the Local display on the actual meters ceased to function.
I did tackle both EDF and SSE about it and they just refused to co-operate.
I've read in the press that an upgraded smart meter has been released that will function with all providers. Does anyone know what the timescale is in this roll out of these meters?
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Hey @Jabberwock - I've moved your post over here. More info on SMETS2 above ☝🏼
I would like to have a smart meter installed, but have read of there inability to cope with PV export.
a) are you installing 2nd generation Smart Meters?
b) are these able to deal with above?
c) do you still provide monthly summaries and comparative usages?
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Welcome to the forum, @Raymond lund, I've popped your post here as it answers part of your query regarding 2nd generation smart meters.

You will be able to view your usage on monthly comparative basis, on your online account. SMETS2 meters support solar panels.

Hope this helps!
Yes but are OVO installing Smets2 or not yet.?
a 'yes' or 'no' would suffice
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Yes, @Raymond lund, we are, subject to availability.