In House Display

  • 22 January 2023
  • 2 replies

Has anyone else been waiting months for an In House Display? They fitted the Smart Meter but despite numerous requests since September no display has been forthcoming. This would help greatly with monitoring my usage. I can’t believe they are still out of stock. Has anyone else received theirs? And what can I do to get mine? Thank you 

2 replies

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You might be able to get one faster.

OVO has more stock coming, but it depends whether you want one NOW or whether you’re willing to wait.

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Have you seen the Bright App? I do have the in House Display, but I wanted something better. I downloaded the free “Bright” app to my phone. I believe it gets its data directly from the system not your  smart meter. You can also buy an inhouse device from the same people (Hildebrand Technology Ltd  which then opens up more functions on your phone app. I hardly use the supplied Inhouse Display as the Bright stuff is more helpful and woks anywhere you can get an internet connection.