How do I disconnect my old Pipit In-Home Display (IHD) to connect a new one?

  • 9 January 2022
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I’ve gotten a new pipit 500 meter, this is due to the old one breaking, i am trying to disconnect the old one because only the screen is cracked but it’s asking for a pin, i don’t know where to get this pin and I need it so I can connect my new one.


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Howdy @rhian pollard !

For this one, you’ll actually need some help from the Support Team. They’ll be able to generate the PIN you need to disconnect the broken device from the network - and it’s also worth asking them to unpair it from the meters as well - making sure the meters “forget” the GUID of the broken device - as this helps to secure your Home Area Network, on top of freeing up a slot for the new IHD.

While you’re on that same call, you’ll also be able to get the new one paired up and activated. I think you’ll need to provide the GUID of the new IHD so that it can be authorised to join the network. The Support Team will then give you the rest of the instructions needed to complete setup.

think you can use Live Chat for this, and it’s probably the fastest way to get in touch with the team right now. But if you'd prefer to call in, that’s OK too. Please don’t use email for this process though, as the response times for email would never be fast enough to guarantee setting it all up correctly.

As for disposing the old device, please don’t throw it in any old bin! It contains a Lithium Ion battery which needs to be disposed of carefully and could be dangerous if simply thrown out. OVO might be able to offer advice on safe disposal, but just in case you can also search the Recycle Now database for your nearest drop-off location. If you take it to one of those, the staff there will happily take it off your hands free of charge and with no need to purchase anything else. You can be in and out in under 90 seconds.

Hope this helps.