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Hi Guys

I have been an ovo customer for 9 years. my landlord has decided he wants to upgrade my heating to storage heaters (all electrical Flat).  however I am on an old fashioned traditional meter. 

I am aware I need to change to economy 7 from a simple energy variable plan to make the storage heaters cost effective but ovo say they can't do a meter change but website says otherwise. do I need a special meter or if I upgrade to a smart meter will it still have the ability to do economy 7 at a later date once heating installed etc?

can anyone help me as I really don't want to have to change supplier as I'm being told by customer care team.

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Howdy @Gemma82 ! I’m one of the forum volunteers, Blastoise186 (or Blaster, to some of my friends).

Erm… Are you sure storage heaters are appropriate…?

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the cost of running them can be extortionate compared to basically every other option. If you’d like some advice on other options to suggest to your landlord, I can definitely ask a few friends to jump into this thread. :)

However, the best option for now would be to get that smart meter upgrade anyway. It would support your use of basically whatever direction you take and five terminal smart meters can also control storage heaters as well.

If you need any advice, feel free to ask!

@Blastoise186 I would love other ideas but I don't know if I have a say as I'm only a tenant.  

I'm not a big fan of storage heaters either and feel now is not the best time to be changing around electric usage and tariffs 

thanks for the advice on the smart meter but depends on landlord as if he wants to progress with the storage heaters ovo said they can't upgrade me to a 5 terminal smart meter but website says they do so am.confused.

any help or advice is really grateful 

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No worries. Let me see who’s around…

@nealmurphy @Jeffus @Gingernut49 @M.isterW and @juliamc might be able to advise here if memory serves. Others might also stop by as well if they notice this thread!

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And yeah, I totally agree. This is the worst possible time to be messing with the heating, especially with going to a solution that has a history of being horribly inefficient if it’s not installed and used properly!

You can EASILY blow a huge hole in your bank balance if you accidentally leave storage heaters running 24/7 on max input AND output at the same time for example… And that’s just the start...

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No idea, sorry.

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Not a storage heater expert, but I'd say unless you have a cheap overnight rate then it's pointless having them.

What type of heating system is currently in the flat?

A smart meter upgrade should sort your tariff issues out if you do get storage heaters 

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Hi @Gemma82

The tightening rules on the EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) for rented properties means it is becoming more common for electric only properties to have the more modern storage heaters installed as it can raise the EPC rating. 

Alternatives like air source heat pumps would be good, but these may physically be difficult or impossible to install. They are also expensive up front but there are various government grants towards the installation. There are other options but these aren't common for capturing cheap off peak electricity. 

The newer storage heaters should be better than the older ones, there are plenty of good reviews from many customers, it depends on a lot of things i am sure. 

Of course you wouldn't actually have to use them, you could use plug in heaters similar to those you use now. 

Perhaps knowing a bit more about the property (e.g. size and insulation etc), your lifestyle (e.g. are you in all day) your current heaters and your current annual electricity consumption might help prompt ideas from others


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One last point from me, @Gemma82 - a 5 terminal smart meter is free and compatible with storage heaters, but there are criteria for getting them. We’ve got a guide here:



OK I’ll sneak in one last point: the centre for sustainable energy offer free, impartial advice to households and will be very aware of your rights and options as a renter. 

Thanks for all the advice guys it's really helpful. I appreciate all the help. 

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No worries. :)

If you need us again, feel free to stop by anytime and we’ll try to advise if we can. This thread will remain open forever but it might get merged later on to keep things organised.