Can my smart meter work out how much I export from my solar panels?

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I don’t disagree that the Smart Meter  records and shows the amount of energy exported but if I want this information I really do not want to visit the meter cupboard every time.  The IHD does not show instantaneous usage nor does it show the amount of energy being exported.

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Agreed - but why would you need an instantaneous reading of this anyway?

I would have thought that an instantaneous reading of energy consumption is an essential to understanding how to reduce energy impact and reduce consumption and bills.  The effect different appliances have on the total consumption on a daily basis can only be accurately identified by instantaneous readouts surely.

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I thought you started this thread by referring to solar panel output, not the more general proposed benefits of smart meter/IHD readings to examine usage

I’ve installed 4kW of solar panels and get 50% deemed export for FIT purposes. If I install a new smart meter will it give me an accurate export reading and, if so, will I loose my 50% deemed export?   

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I’ve moved your post here, @wil Parry, there is a host of info around smart meters and solar panels above. 

You will lose the 50% deemed as the smart will measure the export accurately. 



Iam thinking of switching to OVO, The only reason I need a supplier who can supply a meter which is compatible with my solar panels.

Do any of you have a meter and does it work showing details of movement of power ?


Thx 😊

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Hi @Simpritchard1 and welcome to the Forum.

This shouldn’t be a problem for any GB Energy Supplier. All Smart Meters have the ability to record exported electricity separately. It’s then just a matter of how that data is translated into the Tariff you choose.

We can probably give some more specific advice if you want. Tell us the amount of generation you have on your PV Panels and/or information about the Inverter you have installed.

Do you already have Smart Meters?



We have a normal meter which isn't compatible with panels ... We are with Eon at the moment .,if%20you%20have%20solar%20panels.

Is an interesting read ...hence me thinking about switching to OVO  ...but at the moment I would like proof the OVO meter is available and it WORKS 👍😜

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I have an OVO Smartmeter and can absolutely confirm I can export energy and it records it accurately. 

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Well that Which? article is three years old. There’s been a lot of technological advance since then!

The meter shown at the top of the article is two generations away from what is now being installed, and the bit about Nissan using electric vehicles to feed back to the grid is a project currently being run by OVO’s commercial development division, Kaluza!

There are plenty of contributors here on the Forum who are already running PV Panels through their Smart Meters. This is now so common that it hardly gets a mention.

What you will read here are debates about what happens when you wish to install a second (or third) grid-connected device.

For example, here’s a Topic about combining a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charger and Solar Panels without exceeding the certification and export limits.

Some customers are considering using 3-phase connection to cater for increased export. Read this Topic. That isn’t yet possible, but the discussions help us to install the correct mix of technology so that it can be future-proofed for such a Tariff when it is available.