British Gas SMETS1 meter and Ovo

  • 22 September 2022
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I am a relatively new Ovo customer, two months. I transferred from BG. We have a Landis and Gyr E470 with a Trilliant comms  unit. It worked with BG and was read every thirty mins. We did not get an in home display when we bought this home, it was gone when we took possession. 
since moving to Ovo I am sending manual reading because Ovo cannot connect. The checker provided by DCC says it does not recognise the MPAN. DCC were supposed to be completed with the integration of SMETS 1 by know.

the WAN led is flashing. 

it looks as if DCC can’t fix my meter. Will Ovo replace it with a working smart meter? Or are we stuck with taking manual readings.




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Hi @Middlestreet ,

As I understand things, OVO’s policy is that they will try to fix the existing equipment first but there is a one year maximum timeout. If all efforts to get things working fail, the last resort is a Meter Exchange to upgrade you to SMETS2 meters which OVO would arrange with you.

Make sure to report this to the Support Team so that they’re aware of it!

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L&G migration complete this month, so you never know it could suddenly come back to life.

If you have a meter that cannot be transferred to DCC then suppliers have to take all reasonable steps to replace your meter with a SMETS 2 meter by 31st December 2022.


Thanks, folks. Will wait a little longer to see if it comes to life. The support team seem a bit stressed right now so will give a bit more time.


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Hey @Middlestreet,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had.


Great to see our community members giving some tip-top advice here. 


OVO is unable to communicate with SMETS1 British Gas smart meters, so if they are unable to enroll it on the DCC then we won’t be able to communicate with the meter remotely. 


I’d advise filling out a smart meter health check if you haven’t done so already, you can then forward this to Support via web messenger:



Once they have this our team can start trying to sort out the communication issues with the meter. If they are unable to do they will be in touch to book a faulty meter exchange


Hope this helps. 


Thanks for the input. It may have helped but the support team does not respond once the customer gets past the AI bit. I was position 1 in the  queue  at the outset but abandoned the link after 50 minutes of waiting for a response from an advisor. The chat function evidently does not work. Or, there just are no staff on shift.
I will just lodge a manual reading once per month or thereabouts. 
So much for mart meters. Ditto Ovo service levels. 

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Thanks for flagging this, @Middlestreet - I’ve logged this as a potential issue and I’ll be keeping an eye for anyone else describing the same thing. So far you’re the first…


Following this I’ll be passing your feedback on to the team that look after web messenger to make sure they’re aware.