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  • 5 August 2022
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I have experienced an endless number of issues regarding my electricity account since being transferred from SSE. Initially my account was charged up to £27 per day for electricity usage when I was using less than £2.50. Eventually, after much anxiety and persistence, that was corrected. I now see on my bills that I’m being charged a series of ‘balance adjustments’. I have had received no communication relating to what they are. Transferring to OVO has been a desperate experience  I’m an 80-year old widow, who lives alone in a small flat and I’ve received no support at all  can anyone help p,ease? 

5 replies

Rita it’s the same for everyone 

maybe the best way is to follow their complaints procedure to the letter then they will better encouraged to help rather than pay the ofgem fee they will get hit with. They have 8 weeks to sort it out sadly 


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The SSE complaints process won’t work for this one I’m afraid. But you can use the OVO one at if you’ve already been migrated.

Yeah probably won’t work SSE as it’s ovo 

if you phone the ovo number it gives you the option of entering your telephone number so they can contact you via what’s app


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Hi @RitaH and welcome to the OVO online community,


Firstly I’m so sorry to hear about the confusion that’s been caused since you account was moved from SSE to OVO. As mentioned in this similar thread:

If you've noticed a 'balance adjustment' appearing on your OVO bill after recently joining us from SSE this could be due to an industry correction to the meter reading we used when migrating your account, which means your final SSE bill may also be reissued.

To confirm this please reach out to our Migration Support team on 0345 0260 712.


Have you spoken with our Support Team yet?

Hi Rita, in a round about way I have had the exact same problem - although my issues existed way before my migration to OVO and the move merely compounded them!

I have to say, I have had a good experience so far of OVO’s advanced resolution team and there is light at the end of what has been a 9 month nightmare with SSE.
I emailed OVO with the evidence of what had been going  on and asked that it be logged as a complaint.

Admittedly, this is somewhat unfair on OVO - as they inherited a mess from SSE in the context of my account, but, I was desperate and at the end of my tether.

As mentioned, I am glad I did because the person who has been handling the problems has been very responsive and seems to have made huge progress - whereas with SSE I was just going around in circles and being charged silly amounts of money.