Who owns the backboard thar the meter and DNO fuse unit is mounted  on? I'm being  told it is me but the equipment on it belongs to supplier and DNO.

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I think you own it but it's a moot point because the DNO and energy company's equipment is attached to it so you can't do anything to the board without their permission.


A quick Google search showed that UK Power Networks will replace a damaged backboard with no charge so you might find other DNOs will do the same.

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The ever helpful Western Power Distribution team has also confirmed over live chat that they’re happy to help you with replacing a meter backboard for free as well as long as you’re in their service areas. All they ask is that you supply the new backboard and they’ll happily swap them over for you.

You can pick them up pretty cheaply at loads of places like builders merchants too.

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Hi @Bob1smith,


You’ve come to the right place to ask this one. Just in case you hadn’t spotted it we’ve got a guide to who’s responsible for each part of your setup over here.



Have you managed to find the contact details for your DNO yet?

Yes they gave me a cost of £260 to change the board but wanted to know who would pay. My supplier BG  told me they didn't own the board, I do and they don't pay to change the boards of asbestos fiber.

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Ahh… The asbestos might be the issue here…

Would you be happy to tell us either which region you’re in, or who your DNO is by any chance? It might help us to research this further.

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Sorry for the confusion, @Bob1smith - you might have spotted a bit of an error we need to correct in that guide.


As your supplier has mentioned, the meter backboard is your responsibility to replace or maintain, although your supplier or DNO can carry out this work there is usually a cost involved. Things can be more complicated when there is asbestos on-site.


Asbestos backboards


In some properties, meter backboards were fitted which were made out of asbestos. There are a number of safety issues with asbestos backboards, and if damaged, can pose a serious risk to the occupants of the property. We're unable to remove or fit meters onto asbestos backboards, as there is a high chance that the asbestos would be disturbed and release dangerous particles into the air. Therefore, any job in which an asbestos backboard is present would be aborted by our engineers.

Some DNOs are able to work on and remove asbestos backboards if the cut out is located on the backboard as well, so we recommend contacting your DNO to discuss if this is an option for them. However, there would likely be a charge for this.


I hope this information is helpful in getting this sorted.