are smart meters accurate

  • 5 August 2022
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I have my smart meter set to readings every 30 mins. If I go into the breakdown and add up the totals it doesn’t come to what I’ve used in the day 

yesterday has used was 17p but total was charged as 54p

the 19th July was 17p so why is there 3.69 and 12p shown as the bill for the day

and why 2 amounts?

it’s only noticeable as gas is so low as it’s been so hot 

hate to think how badly the elect is out 

this is thru my app and is solely gas elect used with no standing charges etc 



9 replies

Ps - if I whatsapp I get told it’s my boiler or gas cooker that was the 3.69. On the hottest day of the century. It’s on a timer was the answer 

If I phone it’s min of 50 mins to speak to someone who just says pass it to relevant team and they will contact you which they never do. If I email there is no reply

so it’s going thru proper complaints procedure till the 8 weeks is up till I get onto ofgem then see if their £350 charge was worth it 

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The usage data from smart meters isn’t used for billing - the billing platform only considers the actual meter readings, which may differ a little from the usage tabs. It also factors in standing charges and VAT, which are also not covered under usage.

Smart meters are the most accurate meters ever and the chances of one being inaccurate is miniscule compared to traditional meters.

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Hi @Ripoffbritain just to build on what has been said.

The 30min readings are not added up to make the daily reading with any smart meter on a regular tariff. 

Basically the smart meter will attempt to send 30min readings and a separate daily reading after midnight. 

It is the daily reading that drives the bills. 

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Something seems odd with your gas costs @Ripoffbritain I can’t understand the usage or why multiple rows are shown on some days. Did you use the oven on the 19th?

Do you have access to daily profile graphs to see when this usage occurred during the day?

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@Ripoffbritain the screen shot you posted, is this from an OVO app? 

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@Ripoffbritain the screen shot you posted, is this from an OVO app? 


That doesn’t look like any OVO app I can think of. And it doesn’t feel like an SSE app either (but I can’t shake off the possibility that it could be the MySSE app).

It’s the SSE app

i have a hive app so know it wasn’t the boiler 

i have a elect oven with alga’s hobs

no way would 20 mins of a medium burner be 3.69

so what’s the point of the 30 min readings if they aren’t accurate or to be looked at 

is it that if it can’t get a reading every 30 mins it does one reading a day from the meter and that’s the total 

just seems strange that when most days when heating is not on it’s less than 50p and the day it was 3.69 there are 2 gas amounts shown 

does that mean the 30 min readings are pointless and can I switch it to take one meter reading a day to avoid this 

I know for sure I didn’t use 3.69 worth of gas that day as I would have to had Al my burners on all night on th hon 


So is it the smart meter can’t connect up for days then does a meter reading and puts a high amount on 

so the 30 min amounts are useless and not accurate even the daily amounts will be out then 

and all I can really do is the meter Reading when my bill comes in 

check the meter from The last bill against what it is now . They should match and forget the inaccurate readings 




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Hi @Ripoffbritain and welcome to the OVO online community,


Sorry to hear about the confusion caused by the usage figures showing on your SSE app. Looks like your account is yet to be moved over to OVO so in the meantime any account issues are best directed towards the SSE Support Team.


Here at OVO, we do advise that these online usage figures may be estimated if your smart meter temporarily lose communication. I’m not sure if the same would apply to your SSE app but I’m hoping the guide below might be helpful in someway: