Are OVO Energy installing SMETS 2 yet?

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Hello - on the radio earlier today it was stated that from today only the latest version SMETS 2 smart meters can be installed. On booking an appointment for fitting I have received an email stating that for my installation booked in for 12/04/2019:

"We can’t supply SMETS2 meters in your area yet – so you’ll be joining over half a million of our customers who have a tried-and-tested SMETS1 meter. SMETS2 meters are compatible with all suppliers, and so will your SMETS1 meter from the end of this year – but it’s worth noting that if you switch away from us before then, you may lose some of the smart features of your meter".

Is this the case? If so I would like to cancel as I will need to change suppliers before the end of the year.

Please confirm what exactly is happening.

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Hi @JJWW The answer depends on where you are in the country. I can't tell, because you have yet to fill out your Forum Profile page!

I'm assuming you're somewhere in the North of the UK. OVO have announced that SMETS2 meters will now be installed throughout the South and Central regions. However, the North uses different mobile phone connection systems and there will be further delays before SMETS2 meters can be installed there (by any Energy Supplier).

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Hi @JJWW The answer depends on where you are in the country. I can't tell, because you have yet to fill out your Forum Profile page!

I'm assuming you're somewhere in the North of the UK. OVO have announced that SMETS2 meters will now be installed throughout the South and Central regions. However, the North uses different mobile phone connection systems and there will be further delays before SMETS2 meters can be installed there (by any Energy Supplier).

Thank you. yes, we live in the Dales. Perhaps we should still go ahead even though the benefits will be short term and another meter will need to be fitted at some point in the future.
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Ah, @JJWW That's a beautiful area to live in!

A SMETS1 meter can be upgraded to SMETS2 by a software upgrade without a site visit. OVO have already announced that they will be doing this for their existing SMETS1 customers during 2019.

I believe (but don't hold me to this) that it will done in several stages spread over 4 months, presumably split by geographical regions. This will ensure that they enough Meter Engineers already in the area in case any meters don't restart properly.

What I'm unsure of is why OVO are still able to install SMETS1 meters in the North if they are experiencing delays with SMETS2 units. The communications interface is separate to the Smart Meter itself. See the photo I uploaded on this other Topic here a few days ago.

So should we infer that a software upgrade to SMETS2 in your area will require a site visit - in order to install a new Communications Module?

Let's tag a couple of Moderators here, such as @Eva_OVO and @Nancy_OVO, to see if they are able to give any clarification on this for you. Of course, there may not be a clear answer yet, if for example, there are still comms-tests being carried out across the North.
There is so much confusion but pledge can you someone advise me if OVO are installing second gernation smart meters yet in the YORKSHIRE area?
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Hi @Leem - if you drop the team on Facebook a message with your account number, full name and DoB they'll be able to check this:

Is there another way to contact them?
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Yes @Leem I usually email them because I can then retain a copy of what I've written with a time/date stamp on it.

It's also a better way of getting the right answer. Customer Services can forward your message straight to the best person to answer your questions.

But since Yorkshire is in the North of the UK, I doubt that you can yet have a SMETS2 meter. The resolution of the situation is not in OVO's hands. So don't be surprised if they can't yet give you an installation date.

We can discuss this further here if you want. Ninja's like me aren't OVO employees, so we aren't required to respond with any sort of "official company line".

Thank you for the food for thought. As I'm not as nimble as I once was and have failing sight (need assertive technology) I hoped that the smart meter would obviate the need for me to send in meter readings. I am now very worried and wonder if I should cancel my forthcoming fitting appointment unless it can be confirmed whether or not:

  1. Can I use the in home display to get a meter reading to send to OVO?
  2. Will the new installation (albeit SMETS 1) definitely communicate my reading directly to OVO?
  3. Is the display of a large size or illuminated at the meter to enable those of us with a visual impairment to make a reading?
  4. Will I need to manipulate or key in a ciode at the meter and if so what size are the keys and do they give positive feedback when pressed.
It may sound as if I am being overly concerned but please understand that my current meter has a small LCD display that I read by taking a photograph and then enlarging. This is difficult enough and I would not want it to be complicated even further as my situation is degenerative.

Reassurance / advice is sought @Eva_OVO , @Nancy_OVO, @Transparent
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I'll provide answers to your questions first:

  1. You can't see your reading on the IHD. You can only see the readings on the meters themselves by pressing the number 9.
  2. We cannot guarantee the level of signal we'll have with your meters until an engineer attends your property and can assess this. If you've got good mobile phone signal, then the likelihood is you'll have good signal with us.
  3. The screen of the IHD is illuminated
  4. You shouldn't need to manually do anything to the IHD or meter if you normally pay by Direct Debit.
You can find out more information about the IHD here.

Hope this helps,
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Hi @JJWW I am reliably informed that some Energy Suppliers are now installing SMETS2 meters in the Northern Territory of GB. I don't know if OVO are one of them.

This suggests that the "issue" has been resolved for at least a portion of that territory.

Only OVO themselves can say whether you'll receive a SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter.
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Hey @JJWW - drop the team a message on Facebook and we'll be able to check on SMETS1 vs SMETS2 availability in your area (
Hello - a SMETS1 was installed this morning. All went well other than the IHD not functioning because it didn't like stone walls 3 feet thick making this piece of equipment redundant although I am told I will save in the region of 70p a year by it not working!

Am I right to understand that I will be able to see equivalent information by logging into my account from a PC etc? The LCD at the meter itself is quite clear although I'm a little unsure as to which reading I should submit should the other side of the communication not work. Thanks @Nancy_OVO, @Transparent for your help with this.
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Ah @JJWW Have a look what I wrote about properties with thick walls here on this other Topic.

At the moment OVO are only receiving a day's worth of meter readings at a time. So their website will show you yesterdays readings, but not what's currently happening.

You can't use any data from the IHD to provide a manual meter reading to OVO. It has to be from the meter itself.

Are the smart meters currently being installed by Ovo the Generation 2 models and NOT the first generation models that lose their functionality if a new energy supplier is chosen?


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Hi @bradders 02 - I’ve moved your post onto this topic where you can find more info!

Just so you’re aware, SMETS1 meters won’t necessarily stop working if you switch. The model of smart meters we use (Secure) are the most widely used model in the UK, and a number of suppliers use them with whom they’d maintain smart functionality.

Hope this helps!

To Nancy _OVO

This is what Elexon have to say. “In October 2019 the SMETS2 installs were almost 198,000 while SMETS1 installs declined to 29,000. So if you get a new meter you would have a 76% chance of getting a SMETS2 meter. We would like to see that get to 85% before we recommend people say yes to a smart meter.   We would suggest that you continue to say no to a smart meter as there is still a good chance you would end up with the older model, WHICH IS LESS SECURE AND HAS LESS FEATURES.”

I would be interested to see your comments on Elexon`s  post.

Eric Bradley.



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I’m not too sure what you mean here, @bradders 02, we can install both SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters, but if you’d like to wait until we are no longer installing SMETS1 that’s entirely your choice. There is a remote software upgrade due to take place that will make all smart meters across the board universal, meaning you wouldn’t need to replace a SMETS1 meter. 

Hope this helps!

Hi Nancy,   What I was trying to say in my previous post is that SMETS2 meters are more secure, and also have more features according to elexon. So there are advantages to having this meter, over and above the fact that they don`t lose connection if the supplier is changed.

Although I noted that an upgrade is planned that will mean SMETS1 meters don`t lose their connection either. ( they will still be inferior to SMETS2 though.)