Aclara SMETS2 meters: Accessing ECAUL settings

  • 15 March 2023
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Your OVO Electricity Tariff card states your Economy 7 Peak and Off-peak unit rate times. Your Remote Display shows the current Economy 7 Tariff unit rate OVO is charging you - ours changes to Off-peak at 00:00 GMT and back to Peak unit rate at 07:00 GMT daily. How can consumers check that the correct ECAUL times have been programmed by OVO into their Aclara SMETS2 meter?

3 replies

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Accessing those settings is only possible via SMETS Commands. There’s no way to access them locally for security and anti-tamper reasons. This applies regardless of supplier and regardless of what meter you have

Considering how much data the Aclara SMETS2 meters can display, it seems strange that perhaps the most important information - Economy 7 Off-peak unit times OVO has programmed into your “smart” meter - can not even be viewed by the consumer. Has anybody else figured out which key(s) to press yet?

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Trust me. I stand by what I said. I got my information directly from Aclara and have the entire technical user manual for the meter you’ve got.

You can press any combination of keys you want, but it won’t reveal configurations that are purely managed via SMETS Commands like the ECAUL settings.

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