Why can't I get a smart meter fitted with a semi concealed gas meter box?

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I have been a OVO customer for nearly 3 years and one of my reasons for changing was to have a smart meter installed. OVO told me when I first joined that I could not have one fitted to my gas meter because it was semi-contained in the ground and that in the future they were hoping to rectify this by getting smart meters that can fit semi-contained meters. After ringing them today, again I was told the same thing! As it is the law that by 2020 all homes MUST be fitted with a smart meter, how do OVO intend to resolve this issue for their customers because I am sure that I am one of hundreds of thousands of customers that has properties with semi-contained gas meters? Surely OVO will need to have smart meters to fit semi-contained ones by 2020 and if so, when? Because if not, they are going to lose many customers I have no doubt! Is it a case of leaving OVO and finding a supplier who already have smart meters to fit semi-contained ones and is it just OVO with this problem? Because some semi-contained meters are different, I have attached a photo of my gas meter and am hoping that OVO can help me get my smart-meter fitted soon otherwise I have no other option but to go elsewhere! Any advice/help would be much appreciated!

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Take a look through this topic for more information on this , @Kimmi54.

Ideally all homes should have smart meters by 2020 - but it's not the law. There will always be cases where smart meters can't be installed.
Not the answer I was hoping for OVO!

I rang and spoke with your customer services yesterday who told me that you are getting new smart meters that should fit semi-contained meters at the end of January 2019. So I want to know if your new meters will fit my gas one as per my pics below and if not I shall find another energy supplier who has one that does!
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Well I'd like an update on this subject too @Kimmi54

It feels very odd answering numerous questions on the Forum about the amazing features of the newer SMETS2 meters when I still have clockwork ones myself!

When I enquired last summer, I understood that OVO were to change the supplier of smart gas meters once they moved on from installing the earlier SMETS1 version. However, I then learned that this change didn't occur.

I believe the problem is relatively minor in that the lid of the semi-concealed box won't completely close once the Smart Gas Meter is installed. As I own a 3D printer, I reckon I could modify the lid & hinge arrangement and have it closing again within a few hours!

So @Tim_OVO and @Eva_OVO ... is there anything you'd be able to tell us about what changes are intended for the end of the month?
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Semi concealed meter boxes, a tough one when it comes to smart meters!

@Kimmi54 I feel your pain, it sounds like you've had a long wait! Best to reach out to our Customer Care team for updates on this. This forum is more for users to advise each other:

- Send over a PM via Facebook:
- A DM via Twitter: @OVOEnergy
- Email us at:

@Transparent if you can create and build a new meter lid that will allow either generation of smart meter safely and in a way that allows it to function, then I'm hopeful we'd be able to fit one subject to availability. Send a picture once it's made so we advise using those contact details above. Although don't forget to share it with us here!
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Would that make OVO the first Supplier to offer a Smart gas-meter box with a Transparent lid?

Thanks for your response and advice, however, I have already spoken to Customer Services and I was told that apparently you are getting new smart meters to fit semi-contained meters at the end of January 2019. I shall be contacting OVO Customer Services again at the beginning of February to see if they have arrived.
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Well, this is hilarious...

... at the end of this afternoon I received a phone call from OVO asking if I wanted a Smart Meter installed!! I was informed that there are Installers in my area. Whoopie!

I replied that I was very keen to have Smart Meters, provided they were SMETS2 of course. And I then helpfully pointed out that I was a Ninja on the Forum, answering questions about that very subject.

There was a moment of silence at the other end...

I repeated that I was a Ninja... a technical specialist.

"Oh!" came the reply. "Well I'm not sure about that yet - I only started working for OVO yesterday!"

So @Tim_OVO would you please use internal mail to send a message to Harry with my best wishes; and give him a quick overview of the Forum's role, including a definition of a Ninja!

To his credit, he was excellent at his job. Whilst still online he checked to see which Smart Meter version was being offered, and confirmed it was the SMETS1 style.

We also briefly discussed semi-concealed gas meter boxes, and that there is a potential issue with the lid. So at least he now has a bit more background info on what needs to be considered for a meter installation.

I look forward to hearing from Harry again... once he can offer me a nice new pair of SMET2s of course. 😀


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