Unhappy with my failed smart meter installation

  • 21 February 2018
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Just wanted a little help or opinions of what to do really from someone at Ovo or anyone in the know.

Last year we had an appointment to book a smart meter install, we both took days off work as my other half hates it when people come to the house and she is on her own.

The guy turned up, looked at the electricity meter for 5 mins took some photos, muttered something about it not being up to code and left saying Ovo would be in touch.

Ovo did not ever get back in contact with us.

Roll on now to last month, I received a message from Ovo to say we could now book our smart meter installation.

The guy came out on Friday, this time he was there for about an hour, taking pictures and then said exactly the same thing, I can't do it.

That's the second day off work I've now taken over 12 months to have a meter fitted that didn't materialise.

He said that the last guy hadn't even notified Ovo of the failed install and that now someone should be in touch to sort it.

We've now been contacted by SSN to say they will be out on March 5th to change the whole meter, then I'll need to rebook with Ovo again to get the smart meter installed.

That will be 4 days off just so someone can do an hours job.

This is a bit of a joke now as I'm sure they'll show up and find another problem as to shy they can't do it.

I'm self employed and all of this time off will have cost me over £1500 so far.

Com on Ovo, what are you going to do?

2 replies

I can completely appreciate why this experience has left you feeling hacked off @xsinx0903

It would be difficult for me to comment on this without having a closer look at the notes on your account. So we can help and advise further, please send us a PM on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ovoenergy/ - including your full name, account number and DoB.


I've sent you a message on FB