Bad service with my smart meter installation - sharing my experience

  • 22 October 2017
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Apart from the engineer setting up the wrong tariff and not installing the Smart Gas meter, I have now just noticed that he failed to turn my solar panel meter back on which means I have lost three days of generation. Surely these engineers have a check list to go through once the job is done?

6 replies

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Hey flotmangooner,

Sorry to hear about this. The tariff you’re referring to - was this set up incorrectly on your smart meter itself or on the In Home Display? What did the engineer advise in regards to why he couldn’t install a smart meter?


I've seen a few posts referencing a poor experience of Smart meter installations and wanted to add mine for anyone considering Ovo or an installation with Lowri Beck.

My first booking was made for the 29th September, only a few days after becoming an Ovo customer. The engineer turned up and installed the electricity meter but was unable to install the gas meter owing to a problem with the cut-off handle that needed Transco to address.

Once that was solved I called back to make a new booking and they were set to arrive on the 6th October to carry out the installation. After waiting in (and taking time off work) for the appointment (between 14:00 and 18:00) nobody came. I called into Lowri Beck (after 18:00) and was told that the engineer wouldn't be coming. They were apologetic and booked another appointment with a 2 hour window on the 27th October (20 days later). Don't worry though, because they wrote "do not miss" in the notes.

I took more time off work and waited in between 14:00 and 16:00 on the 27th and guess what. Nobody turned up again. I know what you're thinking... "How could this happen when they had written 'Do not miss' in the notes?" but I assure you it very much did happen. I called back and got myself a new appointment. 1 hour later and about 2 and a half hours after the missed slot had ended I got called again by Lowri Beck to inform me they wouldn't be able to make the appointment 2 and a half hours ago... nice!

My next appointment was booked for the 24th November between 08:00 and 10:00... so now almost 2 months from my original date. But I got called up before then to offer a sooner appointment. On Wednesday the 15th November... great.

Well, you will never guess what happened? Nobody turned up then either. i spoke to Ovo and turns out this time the colleague who offered me the the new slot and cancelled the one on the 24th didn't actually bother to book in the new appointment. I rang Ovo who apologised and said they would raise a complaint to Lowri Beck and try to get my Friday 24th appointment back. They would be in touch to let me know.

Now.. another 6 day s later I have had to ring Ovo to complain as nobody did, no appointment has been re-booked and no call. I was informed that I could now have a 4 hour slot on Friday 15th December, not even a 2 hour slot as I was promised before. I escalated this as a complaint.

Now I did get £30 compensation for each missed appointment but that doesn't answer any of my concerns about service. I have just received a response to my complaint which basically says... "you got £30 for each appointment, I don't know what the problem is". They also said I couldn't have a 2 hour time slot because they don't do one, this is despite the fact I twice had a 2 hour time slot as confirmed by Ovo themselves. The best part of it all is they said "we would rather provide a realistic time frame that we can meet". This is in response to a customer who has had 3 missed appointments and so clearly not realistic time frames that they can meet. You should read someone's complaint before responding to it.

All in all it's been a nightmare and I am close to telling them to shove their smart meter where the sun don't shine and continue paying someone to come out and read my meter manually.

The take home message it that if you go for an installation get an early appointment. Lowri Beck are the main problem here and a terrible company. They overbook appointments and cancel the later ones when they are running out of time (Ovo told me this on the phone). If you get a morning slot you have way more chance of success.

In the meantime I will now have to challenge my lackluster response to my complaint.
please move this to pay monthly. Made a mistake, sorry.
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Hi Wardy Boy,

There does seem to be an increase in complaints here on the forum regarding Lowri Beck installations. I had mine done by an OVO engineer rather than Lowri Beck and the process was flawless.

Hopefully OVO are taking note and are reviewing the service they are getting from Lowri Beck, as no doubt it is costing them (and us through our bills) money!
Well, my next installation is booked with a different company so hopefully that will be the end of it. Anyone else reading should avoid Lowri Beck where possible.
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Unfortunately the forum can seem a bit one sided as there are plenty of horror stories, but generally people don't take time out of their day to write a post about how great it was!