How smart is your home?

  • 31 December 2018
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Updated on 08/03/21​​​​​​: Not got a smart meter yet? Book in your S2 meter fitting appointment, here. You'll need your account number to book this in, which you can find in your online account, here.

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Have you ever wondered how smart your home is? Now's the time!

Following a recent survey, 43% of UK homeowners own a smart home product compared to only 27% in 2017. The research found that people saw the benefits that smart technology can bring such as energy savings or reassurance about security thanks to smart cameras.

This is not surprising considering that, according to the Energy Saving Trust, 62% of annual household bills were for heating and hot water alone.

So how will the smart market look in the next 10 years? In short, really exciting. The number of new smart products continues to grow and evolve and there's a real appetite for this technology. New features and the general rise in awareness has led to almost 1 out of 10 new devices being smart, and that’s helped technology to move into all areas of the home.

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1 reply

Be aware that smart meters allow your energy provider to remotely turn off your supply. If this happens in error (and my son has experienced this) or through the provider failing or poor admin, good luck with getting it sorted.