Do Radiator Reflector Panels Actually Work?

  • 20 October 2018
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How much would I save?
Is there proof/evidence, of how much money or energy was saved?




Updated 26/02/2020

7 replies

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Hi @Crìstian, welcome to the forum!

For the uninitiated (myself included) could you tell us a bit more about Radiator Reflector Panels. What they are? How they are supposed to work?
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Hi, @Mw2870 Thanks for the welcome
This vid may help,
Savings of £60-£120!!! Right!!!
I've been researching it online for the last few days. Saying you can save that much is a joke.

On This Is Money's website they say you can save about £10 a year.

I've ordered a roll of foil on Ebay, for £7-8 it will do my 3 radiators that are backed onto an exterior wall. As long as it stops heat escaping out through the back of the radiators, I'm happy. I wish it did save me £60 - £120 per year. I think the guy in the video was just exaggerating just a little bit lol
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Wow @Crìstian, as you say he is making some big claims!
Thank you for posting the links. I had not heard of this before.
I will be interested to hear how you get on. Keep us posted!
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Will do @Mw2870 I should get my roll of radiator foil that i bought on eBay, in the next couple of days. Will add some pics here
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All done @Mw2870 the 3 rads backing onto an exterior wall, now have reflective foil between the back of rads and wall 🆒
Hopefully should reflect heat back into our rooms

Sorry about the photo of foil behind rad, there wasn't much space between rad & wall, also not much light as I had to have my phone close to rad & wall, so not much light.

Hope this is of some use.
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Looks like a very neat job @Crìstian. I would be interested to know the effect on your bills over the winter.
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Thanks! So will I lol @Mw2870
I'll be happy knowing that it prevents most of the heat escaping through the wall from the back of our rads.