Are you looking to make your home smarter?

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Smart homes. They are becoming more and more part of our everyday lives.

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll for the Smart Home Forum, shows that 75% of British people have heard of a smart home, and that the number of people owning some kind of smart product has rocketed up to 43%, compared to only 27% in 2017.

OVO want to help our customers take steps to smarter, more efficient living when it comes to your energy usage therefore, we have joined forces with Tado° to offer offer existing OVO Energy customers a great discount on the Tado° Smart Thermostat and other products. Curious?

If so, click here to find out more.

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Ah this is annoying! I have recently bought Hive thermostats for my house 😞
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Ahhhhh @ITGeek123 that's a shame!

But great news re the Hive. I don't have one yet, but am definitely wanting one. Do you control yours via an App as well? How are you finding it so far?

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@Darran_OVO It's brilliant! I do use the App. But I also use Google home for the heating and lights. I would highly recommend it, but for users on here. Be rest assured the Tado thermostat is very competitive with Hive. I only went with the Hive thermostats because I didn't want to have two hubs in my house. I would still highly recommend Tado 🙂
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Nice @ITGeek123

Am definitely on board, been wanting one for ages. I have Alexa, so keen to make my home smarter with lights and heating etc and to make the most of Alexa to control it all :)

I like features like it knowing when you leave the house so it can turn the heating down/off and that you could remotely turn on the heating if you are travelling back home so the house is warm when you get in, rather than coming home to a cold house (not that we have that issue right now of course!!)

Be great if you could write a new topic for the forum about your experience with a smart thermostat when you have a spare 15 minutes or so. Be great for other users to hear about it.

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@Darran_OVO I would be honoured to.

Any news about the smart battery storage? I cannot wait any longer! I keep nagging your colleagues about it haha. I registered my interest but really want to be apart of it all. Currently an EV owner so would love to see the benefits of having battery storage in my home.
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Amazing @ITGeek123

We should have some updates soon, we are just finalising some of the last details of the trial so that we can start sharing more about it! Good to hear you have registered your interest!

Hang on in there, you will hear more about this in the next few weeks!!

If you want to write about owning an EV too, that would be even more amazing! You can add a new topic for that here:

PS: If you can add a profile picture, you'd make my Monday 🙂
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@Darran_OVO Again, I would love to 😃 I will be sure to do this as soon as I get home from work. I have also added a profile picture. I hope it made your Monday 🙂
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Awesome stuff @ITGeek123!!

Look forward to seeing your new topics! Great to see you have 2 EV's too! Be interesting to hear why you choose them and if they are different from each other.

My friend can switch her heating on remotely through an app on her phone, with her energy supplier. Does Ovo have this facility or likely to in the near future?
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I've moved your query over here, @Susi1, check out this topic for more information! 🙂

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I've been using Hive for ages and think being able to control the heating / hot water from my phone is the best thing since sliced bread. I haven't invested in smart radiator thermostats yet but am likely to do so at some point.
I have recently installed a WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station to replace my old unreliable station. The WeatherFlow Smart WS opens up lots of possibilities of using IFTTT to make the heating proactive depending on outside weather conditions.
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I use the Nest system and absolutely love it.

It is also linked with their Smoke/CO2 alarms and can detect if there is no movement in the house during the day and automatically switch off the heating if we forget to do it, as well as being able to do it from the app.

If there is CO2 detected it will automatically turn the boiler off and I get notifications on my smart phone when my wife burns her toast, so I can phone her and check she is ok. Stalker??!

I love being able to switch the heating on when we are driving home after a weekend away and we can also adjust the temperature with Alexa.

The system integrates with my Hue lighting system and if there is a smoke alarm in the middle of the night it will switch all the lights on!

The only annoyance is that Nest has to talk to my boiler (Vaillant) using a basic on/off protocol.

The Nest can talk OpenTherm, and although Valliant support this, they don't sell the modules in the UK to do it. Some users have bought them online from the Netherlands, but I don't want to invalidate my warranty. If they could talk Open Therm then the Nest could modulate the boiler temperature based on the outside temp making it more efficient.