Is power move cheating us out of rewards?

I am very surprised to see that I seem to be using significantly more energy in peak times during this spring challenge. In January and February I used just over 9% electricity during peak times and in March just over 10%. Meaning I received the maximum reward. I am doing everything the same as I did during the winter challenge but adjusted to the new peak time timeframe yet using over 13%. 

Has anyone else questioned their usage calculations? I think something dodgy is going on and calculations are not being done based on the 6-9 time slot. I even emailed OVO and had no response (love that kind of customer service). 

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I only used 9.9% during peak hours in May and received the whole £10. It's obviously do-able, I just make sure that I do nothing other than watch TV or listen to music between 6 and 9. Every other electrical device gets used overnight or during the day, once you get into the habit, it's quite easy.

Yeah completely agree that its doable because I have received the £15 reward and multiple £10 when they changed it to the 3 different levels. That’s why I am so surprised that I now only received £3. 

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It will probably depend on how much energy you’re using during the non power move time periods.

How is your house heated and when? Gas/ Electric / Heat pump? 24/7

How is your hot water heated and when?

What was your overall energy use during the months in question?

Your post, and the latest update on my usage from OVO, refers to a 6 - 9 pm. window for reducing electricity usage.   However, when I joined this scheme, OVO said the rewards were for 4 to 7 p.m. and they didn’t tell me the time window had changed.   So I’ve been saving electricity for the wrong time window this last month!

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The Power Move hours changed when the Winter Challenge changed to the Spring Challenge, starting in April.

The email that you got at the time told you that quite clearly, and so did the announcement in the forum.

Most Power Move participants did change their hours as notified and many are still meeting the target, but you are not the only one who missed the change of hours.

I'm sure that they will try to make it even clearer when the target hours change again.

(But TBH it was already pretty clear if you read your emails).

You are very lucky to have earned £10 and £15!  My reward was 38p! I look forward to that being taken off my bill!

I don’t use electricity at the times stated, don’t use a tumble drier, try to minimise the use of the oven, but still I am being told I haven’t reached their target.  perhaps iof I go away for a month I might just earn £1!

Is it really worth it - in my opinion NO!

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You are very lucky to have earned £10 and £15!  My reward was 38p!

That is not Power Move then.

It may have been Power Move Plus which was run last winter (OVO’s name for the industry wide ‘Demand Flexibility Scheme’).

Or it may be Power Move Flex, (OVO’s name for the National Grid ‘Crowdflex’ project) which is still running alongside the standard Power Move.
Power Move Flex has its own forum group which you can join:

And yes - the similar names can be confusing.

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I am doing everything the same as I did during the winter challenge but adjusted to the new peak time timeframe yet using over 13%.


Are you sure about ‘doing everything the same’? In the winter, we all switch lights on earlier and off later than in the spring and summer. We all use more energy on heating, and we spend less time outdoors. It’s not just what you do between 6 PM and 9 PM that counts - what you use at other times does, too. If you use less after 9 PM and before 6 PM now than you were doing in the winter, but using just the same after 6 PM and before 9 PM, then the percentage will be higher, as you’ve discovered. 

As I said before, I wasn’t sent an e-mail informing me of the change of low usage times and, at the time, I wasn’t a member of this forum.   However, I have now changed the time of putting the dishwasher on, which is about the only appliance that it is practical to flex the usage of in this house.   We’re not going to miss out on TV programmes that we enjoy watching, rewards or no rewards!

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Hey @Streetlyman


I’m sorry to hear that you never received the email with the updates to the Spring challenge. Any changes to the Challenges are normally communicated out as widely as possible using various platforms such as our Power Move page on the OVO website, Emails & here on the Forum. The key to being successful in the challenge is to move as much of your non essential usage outside of the challenge hours so it sounds like you’re off to a great start by changing your dishwasher time! Hopefully you’re watching some really interesting series on the TV feel free to share any recommendations that you have 😃