OVO to you - get your content to feature in our monthly newsletter

  • 15 July 2021
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OVO to you - get your content to feature in our monthly newsletter
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Our latest news on your biggest wins :muscle:


You might have got an email from OVO with this subject line recently ^^^


It’s a new monthly newsletter, I got sent mine this Tuesday and I think it’s great. Have a read if you haven’t already! If you’re missing this email, go to this section of your online account to change your email opt in settings and start getting these from next month!  


Even better, your forum content has a chance of being featured in the September edition! 


OVO to you?


The OVO Forum gives our members a platform to discuss green energy and greener living. When our members post helpful, informative, thought provoking content, they help people to live more sustainable, less carbon intensive lives.


It doesn’t need to be a scientific analysis (although that would be cool) to help someone to know more about greener living. Sharing your experience, posting advice, spreading the word. Your content can help others, and if we spot something that fits the bill, we’ll feature it in our September email so more OVO members can see it!


In case you’re new to OVO Forum content writing, you might want to have a quick look at the T&Cs, here


If you have any questions of want some advice about the sort of thing to post, just leave a comment below. 


Best of luck!

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Well, this sounds like the perfect chance to flex my muscle and think of something good. Especially if existing content can also be considered. :joy:

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I’ve been looking back through my existing content archives, and unlucky for me, I don’t actually seem to have as much green living type content on here as I though I had!

But I did find a couple of posts that I think would probably fit.


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Congratulations to our Plan Zero Hero, @Blastoise186 - your detailed and personal insight into OVO’s Greenlight online account tool will feature in September’s OVO to you newsletter. This will land in your email inbox on the 6th or 7th, as long as you’ve ticked Yes to receiving marketing communications. If you haven’t, you can do this here


Nice one @Blastoise186 - sharing, helping, creating, collaborating, to help people live greener lives. It’s what this place is all about!


For anyone that hasn’t seen it, here’s the winning article: