UK Poll shows climate crisis is a growing concern for the British public - is this true?

  • 23 July 2019
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UK Poll shows climate crisis is a growing concern for the British public - is this true?
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Take a look at this article from The Guardian, do you agree with the results of the poll?

We saw from Amy's topic Bristol was brought to a standstill by Extinction Rebellion, now that the protests are over have they done enough to make a change?

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3 replies

Hi Eva

I replied to Amy's post yesterday and I think that the points I made there apply here to. I pointed out that while making small changes is easy I dont think the majority of people are aware, willing or able to afford to make the big changes that will need to be made in the next 20 years.

Also I am not sure the government is really committed to making the changes needed. Just have a look at this New Statesman article on the expansion of Heathrow with the third runway it makes some very good points and suggests that this project is the test as to whether the Governments whole strategy is likely to succeed or fail.
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Interesting article that, Phil.

What if electric aviation 'takes off'? Cheap and abundant renewable energy powering global travel. We don't want the UK to miss out....

It does look like climate change it making it to the top of the public agenda, which is great! Debate about what to do is better then no debate or action at all!
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To be honest. If the government is this serious about the environment, they would be making changes faster. For one, maybe help setup cheaper and alternative schemes for people to buy electric vehicles? Provide better schemes for Solar panels and battery storage. It's not rocket science for them.

They need to learn from Switzerland and Iceland who are still the top rated countries for renewable energy as well as providing better options for people interested in buying EV's. It frustrates me we are in a country which is greedy for money. If this wasn't the case, I believe Britain would be a in a better place.

Also, the heatwave we experienced last week..... People aren't going to agree that is a serious sign of global warming?