Ready for a January Carbon Detox?

  • 7 January 2020
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Ready for a January Carbon Detox?
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We’re encouraging our members to join us in a January detox with a difference….. are you ready?


The start of a new year is traditionally the time that people start new habits, or ditch unhealthy ones after the indulgence of Christmas. That’s why we’re encouraging our members to join us to cut their carbon by taking part in our January Carbon Detox!


Your carbon footprint will feel lighter, and the planet will thank you for it too. :hugging:


Introducing our 10 step Carbon Detox: kick some unnecessary carbon out of your life by taking a few (or all!) of the steps here: 



Find out more about the Carbon Detox and discover our partner offers here!


Oh, and don’t forget to share your #carbondetox with @OVOenergy to encourage others to get involved too!



12 replies

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@ITGeek123 I always used to think of you when I came across this sort of content. Now you’re back in the neighborhood, how many of these 9 detox actions for lower carbon emissions are you already nailing? 

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Hey @Tim_OVO 

I hate to admit this but I can only see myself stamping 3 out of the 9 :tired_face:


How about yourself?

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I hate to admit this but I can only see myself stamping 3 out of the 9 :tired_face:


No one’s perfect - but we draw 4 - 4


How about yourself?


  1. YES - LED already set up - even the room with a dimmer, meaning there’s an effective strobe light for the first few minutes of use, 
  2. NO - this is something I can do, but don’t currently. This is one I might start doing this January as there’s no good reason other then to avoid a difficult to reach plug
  3. YES - lower bills (as we’re stingy)
  4. YES we have the OVO Carbon Capper 
  5. YES - don’t have to commute on either. But I did just buy a long distance holiday to South America.
  6. No
  7. No
  8. No
  9. No


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Overnight grid carbon intensity is usually between 100 and 200g CO2/kWh

1g of C02 is 0.25g carbon equivalent

5.15 million tonnes of carbon is thus between 100GWh and 200GWh per annum

8 hours overnight , 15 million TVs: => standby power consumption of 1W or 2W

I suspect that carbon figure of 5.15mT might be on the low side.


Our TV has a standby mode where the remote will wake it up but also a low power off mode where the remote and timers do not work. Must remember to push the button on the TV in future.

The broadband router is our biggest single overnight power consumer, much bigger than the TV. But my kids seem to be nocturnal.

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Anyone have data on the standby consumption of all the smart devices that we are being encouraged to purchase?

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Why no mention of car journeys and in particular single occupancy journeys? 

Also insulation for our typically inefficient housing in the UK. This year I plan on upgrading to “triple glazing” by applying a very thin plastic film to our windows.  Not as pretty as proper high efficiency replacement glazing but a lot cheaper and much lower carbon footprint.

Dare I add washing clothing less often to the list? 

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Anyone have data on the standby consumption of all the smart devices that we are being encouraged to purchase?


No idea No poke but I know who might

@ITGeek123 @Transparent 

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I wish I had data on the smart devices.:tired_face: I have 2x google home hub max, 3 google home mini round the house. These are on 24/7 as I am a lazy person and use these devices to control my heating, turn my lights on and off and control most of my things on my TV unit. You can now turn your xbox on with Google assistance so that’s a tick in my books haha.

As for the router consumption. When I used to live at home with my parents, my step dad used to always turn the router off at night but after telling him this is a bad thing to do as your ISP will believe there is an issue on the line and drop your broadband speeds to stabilise your line. @NoPoke You can set a schedule on your router (depending if you use a third party one or your ISP is capable) so your router is not allowing internet throughout the night. But if you are like me and have Ring doorbell and Ring Spotlight you may want to keep your internet running. 

To be honest, new technology is making it possible for devices to use less electricity. My monthly electric and gas usage is £52. I have a raspberry pi 4 running Pi hole 24/7 to stop ads etc while using the internet:joy:  as well as hassio. What I am trying to say is, I have a lot of things running in my home but also a lot of things on standby. The only things I turn off at the plug is my kettle, toaster, microwave, oven etc.


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I have two routers for my house. The main VDSL one runs off solar. Can I have a gold star please?! :sunglasses:

And do I get another gold star for having planted three citrus trees in my kitchen during 2019?

It was @PeterR1947 who was going around measuring standby current on electrical devices in his home. He might have more to say here.

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I’ve had lED lamps everywhere for ome time, the highest consumption one is 6W and I do go around the house turning off lights!

I leave my TV on as Sony recommend that die to s/w  & Programme downloads - it only uses 0.5W on standby.

I turned my thermostat down by 1 degree but when I upped the loft insulation I had to turn it back up again as the upstairs was so warm the heating never came on - I did move the thermostat about three feet down the stairs.  It is internet controllable so we turn heating off when we go away/out.

Only travel by plane once a year going on holiday, don’t use trains, rather my Leaf.

The acorn my daughter planted when she was 5 or 5 is now an  oak tree taller than the house, Im getting a man to trim it and the wood will go to a friends wood burning stove (ooops)

We recycle so much stuff it isn’t true, apart from the local coucil facility we have a local one that takes about everything else.

We haven’t got around to the refills yet but both daughters are doing it and have soap bars and shampoo bars.


The link to my measurements is here

I now have three amazon echo dots, I had better measure their consumption next!



Of course we are ready) Let's start?)

Thanks for offer, but it is too expensive for a simple carbone detox)