Proud announcement enclosed - We are making steps to be more sustainable!

  • 29 August 2019
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Proud announcement enclosed - We are making steps to be more sustainable!
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We’ve taken the first step towards reducing the carbon footprint of our marketing activity with a series of commitments designed to reduce, and eventually eliminate the carbon footprint of our marketing activity. 🕺🏽

Sales leaflets will be a thing of the past, we’ll be prioritising digital marketing over print, using renewable energy to create campaigns and avoiding high-carbon activities, such as flying to shoot adverts. Where unavoidable, such as when newspapers print stories about us, we will offset our impact. ⛔

You can read more about this here, let us know what you think!

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5 replies

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We might need to go digital, for our next super user visit day - @Transparent keep those giant rolls of paper at home next time! 😂
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Do you have an estimate of how much carbon these changes will avoid? (Ignore any carbon offsetting.)
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I'll get back to you with some info asap, @NoPoke!
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I would be expecting a much bolder step forward from OVO than avoiding the use of paper.

I spent several hours this week with engineers from Western Power, my DNO. There's lots of opportunities opening up for collaborative energy-saving measures at community level. However, these solutions are completely reliant on customers having 30-minute Time Of Use Tariffs.

The only way I can achieve this currently is to leave OVO! 😥

... and I'm beginning to lose count of how many times I've said the same thing on this Forum over the last year. Whatever is the hold-up?
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Bold steps are afoot, @Transparent (pardon the pun 👣). As Eva mentioned, this is just the beginning of a carbon neutral crusade.

We appreciate that 30 minute settlements will allow for a much more accurate supply-demand model, and minimise waste. We need to get more and more customers onto Smart meters and on half-hourly readings to move forward with this, and it's certainly something we're pushing. It's completely up to the customer if they want to do this at the moment, though.

In the mean time, we want to make additional changes wherever we can and lead the way in cutting down company carbon footprints.